TOTAL QUARTZ Engine Ke Superstars Season 2 brings alive the inspiring stories of our mechanics

Brand Feature Published: February 01, 2021, 06:24 PM IST

The inspiring stories of our mechanics in the new campaign film for TOTAL QUARTZ Engine Ke Superstars Season 2 does a great job of evoking a sense of gratitude towards our mechanics!

TOTAL QUARTZ Engine Ke Superstars Season 2 was conceptualized to put the spotlight on how mechanics across India have demonstrated innovativeness, resilience and commitment to the community during the Covid-19 imposed lockdown. It was inspired by a pan India survey conducted by TOTAL, which delved deep into various mechanics' work conditions in these unprecedented times. Weaving together their stories of growth with the mechanic testimonies, it highlights the different facets of their efforts, whether it be the adoption of digital modes to their business or forging new networks.

TOTAL QUARTZ Engine Ke Superstars Season 2

Watch the film below and be inspired by the actions of our trustworthy mechanics.

The combination of visuals, storytelling and interspersed testimonies ensure viewers fully appreciate how our mechanics have evolved their businesses to meet the needs of their customers. These trends were apparent in the results of the survey as well, which showed a collective urge within the mechanic community to use these challenges as opportunities. TOTAL QUARTZ Engine Ke Superstars Season 2 helps extend our gratitude and appreciation by bringing these stories alive.

The campaign film is a clarion call for consumers to share their own stories of mechanics, which showcase their care and commitment. It is for all the times we've been bailed out of sticky automotive situations, and felt safe on the roads, thanks to our trusted mechanics.

Visit and share stories of how your mechanic helped you when you needed it, and made your life better.

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