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Triumph says that their Infor Rocket Streamliner is the fastest Triumph in the world. The motorcycle manufacturer is now aiming to etch its name in the record books by breaking the current 605.1kmph top speed record for a motorcycle. The Triumph Infor Rocket Streamliner ridden by Guy Martin is aiming to attain a top speed of 643.74kmph on September 15, 2016 at the Bonneville Speedway. The motorcycle is powered by two Rocket III engines which were downsized to 1,500cc each. Each engine has an individual turbocharger and is good for 500PS. Each engine also gets its own gearbox. Here's a look at the Triumph Infor Rocket Streamliner in pictures.

Triumph Infor Rocket Streamline on Bonneville Salt Flats

Guy Martin in the Triumph Infor Rocket Streamliner

Photo 13-09-16, 15 49 13Twin rear shocks are off the shelf fully adjustable Ohlins units. They are set up fairly stiff to control the attitude of the motorcycle which is critical for aerodynamics. The rear shocks are set up slightly softer than the front ones. Triumph says the original setup was much stiffer still but has been backed off as the testing base progressed

Photo 13-09-16, 15 49 40The fuel tank takes about 6 gallons of methanol and after each run, there is about a gallon left over in the tank. How much does it give? 1.5 miles to gallon. That is, wait for, 0.6kmpl.

Photo 13-09-16, 15 50 33Special Goodyear slick at the rear is specially made to go up to 400mph, or 650kmph. Because of the speed involved the tyre is mounted on a special rim which uses a bead lock similar to an old truck tyre. The rim uses many, many screws to lock the bead in so that the centrifugal forces cannot rip the tyre from the rim. Note the shaft drive which uses a regular bevel gear to drive the wheel. Triumph places 60 per cent of the weight (1,000kg approximately) on the rear tyre

Photo 13-09-16, 15 50 44

Photo 13-09-16, 15 50 59The Triumph Rocket Infor Streamliner uses two Rocket III engines. But since the class limits displacement to 3,000cc and to a maximum of two engines, the Streamliner uses two stroked down Rocket engines with individual turbochargers running 25psi of boost making 500PS each, and 1,000PS in total. The short stroke also allows a higher 9,500rpm redline. Guy Martin will, however, only use 9,000rpm, short-shifting at 6,000rpm in the first two gears. The transmission is actually very simple. Notice the red, finned casing. That's the shaft that connects the two transmissions to each other directly. Both engines are rev- and gear-matched so that they are always in sync. The shaft ends in a small two-speed 'gearbox' (not visible in the photo) that the team can change the gearing for - this is not controlled during the runs by Martin. This gearbox connects to the rear wheel with a shaft drive (seen in the rear wheel photograph)

Photo 13-09-16, 15 50 50

Photo 13-09-16, 15 51 06That is one of the two radiators of the Triumph Rocket Infor Streamliner. These radiators are not like the usual finned heat exchangers which would cause too much aerodynamic drag. The compartment is filled with iced water between runs. Given that the run lasts a maximum of two minutes, this solution is effective. Both radiators descend from the motorcycle for refills

Photo 13-09-16, 15 51 22

Photo 13-09-16, 15 51 29Guy Martin will be strapped down in the feet-first riding position with a seven-point harness and a HANS device. Note the carbon fibre roll cage. Speed Record Racing has traditionally used frame and panels constructions because it has largely been a private-individual and organisation-driven sport. Monocoques are super-rare and the Triumph Streamliner uses a full carbon-fibre monocoque that hosts all the various bits and acts as the frame. Triumph says this form of construction has significant safety advantages if things go awry

Photo 13-09-16, 15 51 37

Photo 13-09-16, 15 51 48

Photo 13-09-16, 15 51 51

Photo 13-09-16, 15 51 58Like the rear tyre, the front is also a specially made Goodyear tyre rated for 650kmph. This tyre is also a beadlock type and all of those screws need to be removed to change the tyre. Triumph says the wear is quite light so it isn't a lot of tyre changes. Both tyres are tested by a special dunk in the US to ensure that there are no structural flaws. The pneumatic tyres are run at 120psi

Photo 13-09-16, 15 53 07The front suspension is three off-the-shelf adjustable Ohlins units setup quite stiff so ensure that the insane speeds come with controlled and predictable aero-attitude

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