Ferrari KC23 breaks cover as a one-off track car

Gajanan Kashikar Updated: July 12, 2023, 01:55 PM IST

Ferrari's Special Projects team has created yet another masterpiece, called the KC23, and that is based on its most successful track-car ever, the 488 GT3 Evo. Apart from its stunning looks, the supercar features moving panels, butterfly doors, and a special paint job. Since the KC23 is a race-track-only model, it cannot have a registration plate and cannot be used as a road car. Ferrari's latest one-off creation will make its first public debut the iconic Goodwood Festival of Speed in the United Kingdom that will be held between 13 and 16 July, 2023. Notably, the supercar will be on display at the Ferrari Museum in Maranello from 1 August to 2 October.

With the "extreme nature" of the twin-turbo V8 and specially tuned chassis and suspension system, the KC23, albeit being a track-car, is designed for "non-competitive" track-car use, says the Italian marque. Unlike the 488 GT3's air inlet and outlet systems, the KC23 benefits from active aerodynamics, featuring motorised body panels that sit behind the butterfly doors and open once the engine is turned on. The supercar gets side cameras instead of conventional outside door mirrors, to further enhance its aerodynamic efficiency. Meanwhile, the KC23 uses 18-inch alloy wheels. In terms of design language, it draws inspiration from Ferrari's 499P and the Vision Gran Turismo concept.

What is also interesting is its colour scheme, called Gold Mercurey. This shade is an outcome of specially developed four-layer aluminium livery. Interestingly, the colour changes depending on the light and where the one is standing.

The track-focused design seen on the inside is identical to the 488 GT3. It gets a race-spec steering wheel with a staggering 16 different switches, a panel of rocker buttons, a roll cage, and custom-made Alcantara-trimmed bucket seats.

However, Ferrari has not disclosed the power output details of the KC23. While the 3.9-litre twin-turbocharged engine can generate 600PS and 700Nm in the case of the 488 GT3 Evo. On the other hand, Ferrari, with some tweaks, has also achieved 690PS with 488 GT Modificata.

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Price (Ex-Delhi)
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Max Power(ps)
Max Torque(Nm)
11.24 Kmpl

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