Tranquility with the Hyundai Creta in Wayanad

Special Feature Published: May 03, 2021, 03:40 PM IST

If the year that has gone by has taught us anything, it has to be about realizing and appreciating every moment that you are a part of. Apart from that, we also adopted a new normal that had disrupted our regular routine and also pushed us to leave the luxury of being cocooned in the comforts of everyday life. Like many, we have also made a bucket list of dreams that we wish to fulfil this year. And the first of the six that we plan to achieve in 2021 took us to Wayanad in Kerala, one of the most beautiful regions in the country that is blessed with picturesque locations, scenic locales and some of the best driving roads in India.

Our journey started from Mumbai, the city that's always buzzing, with its energy and also loads of traffic at any point in time. However, there wasn't much to complain about as our friends at Hyundai had given us the new-generation Creta, the most celebrated SUV among its peers. Much like the city, there's a lot of buzz happening inside the Creta, starting with the visuals on the all-digital instrumentation. The spacious and premium cabin tastefully disconnects you from the hustle and bustle happening outside. But what was more assuring is that our Creta was equipped with a 7-speed DCT, which meant dealing with traffic was an easy affair. And then when you give the Creta a good piece of tarmac wherein it can stretch its legs, the turbo petrol heart just comes at its element. And also does not make the journey from Mumbai to Kerala feel anything but sheer fun. To top it up, the Creta also features drive and traction modes. While the performance feels nice and smooth in the Comfort mode, if you are in the mood for some spirited driving, there's the Sport mode which is just a dial away on the drive mode selector.

The first recommendation given to us by many in Wayanad was a visit to the most popular Edakkal Caves. What makes it important is that these caves have pictorial writings which depict the civilization of the Neolithic man in 6,000 BCE. Locals explained the meaning of Edakkal as the "stones that positioned in-between" While the trek from the base car parking to the topmost section of the caves, which is 3,900ft above sea level can be a bit of a task, it is only when you reach the highest location and witness this marvel that makes the trek totally worth it. We then proceeded to another iconic location in Wayanad, the Karapuzha Dam which attracts many tourists for its serene setting fo coconut trees surrounding the calm Karapuzha reservoir.

Our bucket list was not just about experiencing the beautiful locations in Kerala but also disconnecting from the mundane lifestyle. And for that, we drove down to Tranquil resort, which is a plantation hideaway located at a remote location away from the city. Blessed with a huge expanse of coffee plantations on acres of land running in all directions, the resort is one of its kind in this region. It is here that we fulfilled our first wish of staying in a treehouse. Positioned atop of a Gulmohar tree, the treehouse offers a king's view of the whole plantation, wherein you can also spot some of the most interesting birds. While the outside of the treehouse looks nice and old school with a thatched roof, the inside is as luxurious as it can be with all the modern amenities and comforts. It is the quality of service that has made Tranquil the most sort after homestay in Wayanad for the last 20 years. Much like Hyundai that has made a niche for itself as one of the most trusted automobile manufacturers in the country. And to achieve that in the sea of names is quite a feat. While Hyundai has always evolved its products to accommodate the growing demand of its customers, it has continuously strived to ensure the quality of experience be it in terms of products, service and purchase always sets a benchmark for the competition.

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