Mercedes-Benz service: Putting luxury car ownership within reach

Brand Feature Updated: August 27, 2021, 12:08 PM IST

It's true that some dreams are more attainable than others. Especially if that dream involves owning a with the three-pointed star on the hood, so don't let that stop you from dreaming big. Mercedes-Benz makes cars that anyone can aspire to own, for their cachet, elegance, power, comfort and luxury. And, of course, for just how manageable a Mercedes-Benz vehicle is to own in the long run, with little to none unexpected expenses associated with luxury -ownership. That last aspect, which could be the most valuable to some, comes courtesy the maintenance, warranty and on- assistance packages that result from valuable, intuitive relationships with Mercedes-Benz customers, which ensures they stay Star customers for a reason. If that's something that piques your interest too, read on.

Star Ease Maintenance Packages 

There's no greater luxury than the peace of mind earned by foresight, and that's exactly what Star Ease maintenance packages bring to the table. With pre-defined service costs up front, Star Ease covers service costs for up to 10 years of ownership, making sure you're safe-guarded from future costs. Along with which you also get the exclusive benefit of your being made a priority at every service, resulting in quicker processes, and shorter waiting times for you.

The Compact package includes diagnostics, replacement of all liquids and lubricants (engine and transmission oils, brake fluid, coolant) and filters (air filter, oil filter, transmission filter and cabin filter), and is available for tenures of 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 years.

The Compact Plus package brings all the above, and adds in replacement of brake discs and pads, replacement of wiper blades as required, and wheel alignment and balancing to keep your Star driving smoothly. Compact Plus packages are available for tenure and mileage option starting from of 3-years/30,000km, upto 10-years/2 lakh km, making it easy to pick a maintenance package that suits your usage. Star Ease maintenance packages start as low as Rs 84,200 for a three-year duration for the C-Class.

Just in case you forgot to buy a Maintenance Package before 5 years, don't worry Mercedes-Benz has it all covered! Get basic Engine Oil+ Filter + a comprehensive and washing done starting as low as Rs 12,999 (excluding GST) for Selected models greater than 5 years, popularly called the "Value Service

Advance Assurance Extended Warranty 

Perhaps, the peace of mind that comes with a Star Ease maintenance package is only matched, or even exceeded, by the Advance Assurance extended warranty programme. It's brought to you by Daimler Financial Services, in partnership with Reliance General Insurance, and can be purchased anytime within the first three years of ownership.

With an Advance Assurance programme, you can enjoy a whole range of benefits of Mercedes-Benz ownership, apart from the obvious in security from unexpected expenditures, for up to six years, with unlimited mileage to top it off. Some of the other benefits include priority handling and fast-tracked claims processing, the fact that it's honoured across all Mercedes-Benz dealers in India and full transferability that increases your vehicle's resale value. Advance Assurance programmes start from Rs 67,800 for the C-Class.

But what if one misses buying an Advance Assurance before the lapse of standard warranty? Mercedes has got that covered as well with Certified Assurance, the new break-in warranty can be bought once the standard 3 year warranty expires, provided the vehicle meets some terms and conditions.
This warranty program covers your STAR for the 4th and 5th year of operations. The program offers an array of services covering unexpected repairs at a price starting from as low as Rs 12,623.

Mobilo 24x7 roadside assistance

With over 900 Mobilo roadside assistance locations across the country, you're never too far from help. Mobilo Plus, the premier roadside assistance service offers comprehensive breakdown services, including vehicle towing, services, replacement vehicles while your vehicle is being attended to and more, all to ensure that any disruptions during your Mercedes-Benz ownership stay to a minimum.

Mobilo Lite is offered complementary upon completion of a service at an authorised Mercedes-Benz dealership, and offers breakdown assistance at a distance of up to 50km from the nearest dealership free-of-cost, and for a period of 365 days.

Mobilo Plus is free for all Mercedes-Benz owners for the first three years, and can be extended to up to eight years. Mobilo Plus packages can be purchased for as low Rs 3,999 for a one-year subscription.

Contact your nearest Mercedes-Benz dealer to know more.

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