Citroen eC3 scores 0 in Global NCAP crash test

Kenneth John Published: March 21, 2024, 06:07 PM IST

The Citroen eC3 electric hatchback was crash-tested by Global NCAP and obtained a poor 0-star rating for adult occupant protection and a 1-star rating for kid occupant safety. This is the first Citroen vehicle assessed by Global NCAP, and the results are not what the Stellantis group would want to hear. The test model was fitted with front driver and passenger airbags, a belt load limiter, and a seat belt reminder.

Citroen eC3: Adult Protection

The eC3 received 20.86 out of 34 points on adult occupant testing and 10.55 out of 49 points on child occupant protection tests. GNCAP also stated that the driver's and passengers' head and neck protection was adequate. However, protection for the driver's and co-driver's chests was assessed as inadequate and poor, respectively. The driver's knee had limited protection since it may come into touch with harmful components behind the dashboard.

In the side impact test, the head received just limited protection, although the chest had excellent coverage. However, the abdominal and pelvis were well shielded. The eC3's footwell was assessed unstable, while the body shell was rated stable and capable of carrying more load. Furthermore, the absence of side head protection rendered side pole impact testing impracticable.

Citroen eC3: Child Protection

In the front impact test, the three-year-old dummy's child seat was positioned forward facing using the seatbelt. It was unable to regulate the movement, and the head made contact with the inside.

Nonetheless, the 18-month-old dummy was strapped into a rearward-facing child seat using the seatbelt. While it was able to protect the child's head in the front impact test, it was exposed in the side impact category, resulting in a loss of points. The eC3 also lacks three-point seat belts for all five seats (a lap belt is provided for the rear middle passenger), as well as ISOFIX anchorages.

Alejandro Furas, Global NCAP Secretary General said, "This is an appalling result from Stellantis. PSA was once a leader on safety, but now, as part of the Stellantis group, the manufacturer appears to have taken a major backward step. We hope that this apparent negative trend is corrected globally as a matter of urgency."

Nevertheless, the carmaker said a month ago that it will improve the safety features of all of its vehicles by providing them with six airbags, ISOFIX, and rear seat belt reminders, with all of this taking effect in the coming months of 2024.

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