Taking audience engagement to a whole new level is a daunting task. In an effort to bring new experiences and provide more intimate touch points to an automotive audience Nissan and OVERDRIVE have come together to create a unique and unforgettable drive experience. This is part of OVERDRIVE's brand new endeavour called the 'Live Life In OVERDRIVE'; initiative. It blends Nissan's bestselling products with OVERDRIVE's exhilarating adventurous streak to provide automotive enthusiasts a once in a lifetime experience.

Nissan and OVERDRIVE are all set to embark on an epic drive called “Meet The Neighbours”, which as the name suggests intends to meet our neighbours. The drive intends to give participants the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the bestselling Nissan Terrano and Evalia as they move from India to Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and Bangladesh.The participants can join us for any of the following legs, as we pay a visit to four of our eastern neighbours.

Option 1 - Join us for The Entire leg: Delhi – Katmandu – Dhaka – Mandalay – Thimpu – Silliguri
Start Date : 5th May 2014
End Date : 21st May 2014


Option 2 – Join us for Leg 1: Delhi – Katmandu – Dhaka – Guwahati
Start Date : 5th May 2014
End Date : 11th May 2014


Option 3 - Join us for Leg 2: Guwahati– Mandalay – Thimpu – Siliguri
Start Date : 12th May 2014
End Date : 21th May 2014

Along the way the expedition will provide each of the participants a unique look into the lives of our neighbours on the eastern front. It will provide a taste of the local culture, lifestyles, conditions and environment. Is life compared to India very different across these borders, what do we share in common, what is unique to each and every country?

They would also get the opportunity to learn just what a drive expedition conducted by OVERDRIVE entails. Living Life In OVERDRIVE has never been an easy task and the drive intends to put each of the participants through challenges that will test their spirit and bend their will. Nissan's Terrano and Evalia will nevertheless will always be on hand to provide the comfort and confidence needed to surmount all challenges!


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