Road Test - 2018 SWM Superdual T

Team Overdrive Updated: May 16, 2022, 03:13 PM IST

The Superdual T comes from Italy to India thanks to Motoroyale. The makers SWM, Chinese-owned, is the Italian company that acquired all of Husqvarna’s assets when KTM purchased the brand off BMW Motorrad, a few years ago. The Superdual T is a 600cc single-cylinder dirt bike-based motorcycle that uses the Husqvarna TE 610’s engine as base. SKD-assembled in India, the SuperDual T is the more expensive of two models, possibly the most dirt-bikey road legal bike in India. Unfortunately, it’s quite expensive at prices hovering around the ?7 lakh ex-showroom mark. Should you be saving up? Watch the road test!

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