Reise Moto tripR scooter tyre review

Christopher Chaves Updated: January 30, 2024, 11:37 AM IST

Rather than putting the new set of Reise Moto tripR tyres on a new scooter, I thought I'd try the new tubeless 90/100 10-inch tyres on an old scooter instead. Enter my trusty 2012 Activa 110. My scooter has served me well over the last decade in and around Mumbai, and I've already gone through a couple of sets of tyres on this one, so I'd get a good understanding of the difference these new Reise treads.

After putting on the new tripR tyres, the Activa now feels slightly better balanced than before. It feels a lot more grippy in a straight line and being J rated, I know that they're primed to go till about 100kmph. Also thanks to the angled shoulder blocks feels a lot more confident in the bends. Turning in to a corner isn't as light as before though, but that's expected on account of the tread profile. There were a couple of instances when I had to venture off into muddy/slushy terrain with all the work that's being going on in the city and that's where these tyres really stood out for me. The scooter didn't feel like things were going to get out of control at any point, I was even egged on to pick up the pace a bit, something I wouldn't usually do in this circumstance.

So I was running a Ceat Milaze treads before putting on the Reise tripR and was glad to see that no considerable drop in the mileage of around 41-42kmpl riding the scooter I normally do. All in all, very impressive tyre that's in decent price contention. It looks like Reise Moto doesn't just make great off-road tyres for adv bikes, like the trailR series. The tripR scooter tyres are great too.

Price: Rs 1,445 (single tyre)

Price (Ex-Delhi)
Starts Rs 52,660
Max Power(ps)
Max Torque(Nm)
60.00 Kmpl