2018 Yamaha MT-10 first ride review

Abhay Verma Published: March 06, 2018, 11:00 AM IST

Super nakeds are the bomb. They're the perfect marriage between everyday practicality and the manical performance of litre-class superbikes. And with 160PS on offer from its YZF-R1 derived 998cc inline four pot mill, the Yamaha MT-10 is more than just a nuclear bomb on two wheels. The first time I saw it in pictures I felt it looked set to star in the next Transformers sequel! And now that I've ridden it – albeit very briefly – I am nearly convinced Yamaha took help from outer space to develop the bike.

The 2018 Yamaha MT-10 lives up to the tag of being an explosive litre-class naked as it is based on the hugely acclaimed YZF-R1

On a serious note, the MT-10 does feel special. Build quality, fit-finish levels and quality of plastics are all top notch. The monochrome display is inspired from the R1's and looks neat. The riding position is comfortable and upright yet slightly sporty. Start the engine and thanks to the cross plane crank you are treated to the same, uncharacteristic (for an inline four) exhaust note as the R1's. Despite just a short ride on it, I think the MT-10 is an apt definition of the term 'crotch rocket'. It is wet-your-pants-quick and is a definite no-no for newbies. Throttle response is crisp and the retuned R1 engine is butter smooth. The motor offers huge dollops of torque at low speeds so power wheelies are simply unavoidable in the first couple of gears, at least, unless you bump up traction levels or go to a softer riding mode.

The 2018 Yamaha MT-10 features comprehensive electronics that can help in taming the 160PS beast easily thanks to the various traction control levels and riding modes on offer

Throttle response is almost electric and acceleration so fierce, you really cannot tell the bike's 210kg kerb weight. I also liked the feel and feedback from the 43mm upside down front forks – of course, this is a bike derived from one of the world's best litre-class superbikes. Alas, the ride was too short and I don't even have confirmation from Yamaha about the bike's India launch yet. If launched it should be priced around the 13 lakh rupee mark. I'm yet to convince myself about the MT-10 being developed with help from outer space, but I can tell you it is a really capable litre-class naked that should come to India.

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