2013 Honda Activa HET in India road test

Alan D'Cruz  | Updated: May 09, 2013, 10:10 PM IST

Honda Activa HET

Honda have tweaked the formula for their 109cc powered scooters and are now claiming an incredible 60kmpl efficiency for all three – the Activa, Aviator and Dio. We got to ride the new Honda Activa to see if this holds water.

The only visual change is a small HET badge on the left hand side panel of the scooter distinguishing it from the older model. HET or Honda Eco Technology is what Honda claim makes the three scooters the most fuel efficient automatic scooters in India. It's not a new component or a new approach but just an optimisation of their existing components, increasing their mechanical efficiency hence improving fuel efficiency. The combustion has been improved with a new spark plug and optimised inlet port. Friction has been reduced with an offset crank, lighter materials, a low tension piston ring and improved bearing oil seal. The ratios and mechanicals of the V-matic drive have also been optimised. These changes however have had no effect on the power and torque figures which remain the same.

The scooter rides and handles the same as the old model but there is a noticeable improvement in the smoothness of the revised transmission. What has significantly changed though is the mileage figures.  In city and highway mileage runs the scoot returned figures of 55.55kmpl (earlier 53.2kmpl) and 67.42kmpl (earlier 58.3kmpl) respectively. With an overall figure of 58.51kmpl the new Activa goes a further 4.11km per litre. Performance has improved slightly with a 0-60 time of 10.00s (was 10.2s) and a top speed of 86.2kmph (was 85.5kmph). The new Activa HET is available at Rs 47,188 ex-showroom Delhi making it a great option if you're in the market for an efficient scoot.

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