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Yamaha Tracer 700 launched in Europe

Team OD  | Updated: April 21, 2016, 02:48 PM IST

Like Yamaha did last year with the MT-09, the company has now bestowed its smaller naked sports bike with a semi fairing. However Yamaha hasn't just slapped on a fairing and decided to call the MT-07 a sport tourer. Further changes to make the MT-07 more touring friendly are a new swingarm, longer by 50mm which effectively increases the wheelbase by 50mm, making for a more stable motorcycle. The suspension now has a little more travel and has been recalibrated for the motorcycle's new purpose. Fuel tank capacity has gone up from 14-litres to 17-litres and Yamaha has included a manual height adjust system for the windscreen.


Mechanically, the Yamaha Tracer 700 is otherwise identical to the Yamaha MT-07 Shumi rode in 2014 and commented that it is a fantastically fun motorcycle. The 689cc parallel twin engine produces 75PS at 9,000rpm and 68Nm at 6,500rpm. Dual 282mm discs handle braking duty while the front forks continue to be of the upright variety. Despite the addition of the fairing, Yamaha have managed to keep wet weight just below the 200kg mark, at 196Kg. This equates to about 14kg over the standard naked bike, both equipped with optional ABS that adds two kilos.


For now, the Yamaha Tracer 700 will be sold in Europe but it is soon expected to be launched in America as well where it could be christened the FZ-07 Tracer. Yamaha UK has priced the Tracer 700 at 6,299 pounds, which is roughly 900 pounds more than the naked MT-07. For some perspective, the MT-07 is about 400 pounds cheaper than the ER-6N while the Tracer is about 150 pounds more expensive than the ER-6F or the Ninja 650 as we know it. If Yamaha were to locally assemble even one of these motorcycles for our market they could be excellently priced and should be really well received. However, the last time we asked Yamaha India about MT-07 plans we were asked to please wait. And wait we shall because, for now, it looks like Yamaha India is focusing its energies on exciting projects like this and this.


Till then, take a look at the Yamaha Europe's commerical for the Tracer 700 which suggests that among its many capabilities is the ability to settle domestic disputes.


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