Wrangler launches biker-friendly Water Repellent Denims

OD Newsdesk Published: August 26, 2013, 07:46 PM IST

Wrangler, the denim brand has launched water-repellent denims. These denims repel everyday spills and stains and provide an additional level of comfort.

Wrangler Water Repellent DenimsWrangler Water Repellent Denims

The Water Repellent Denim has been made available in new washes, fits and sizes. They protect the wearer from moderate rain, snow and wet conditions. This helps on long bike rides and muddy slush from puddles. The denim is water repellent, but not water-proof and can be washed like any other denim. On ironing, the water repellent qualities of this denim improves.

These Water Repellent Denims are available at Wrangler stores. Key Wrangler stores also have a trial zone where these denims can be tested for their water repellent quality. The denims carry a price tag starting at Rs.2,995.

Wrangler also recently launched their new "Tough" line of denims constructed of a Cordura-Denim blend in 2X and 4X versions (in two strengths). Cordura is a fabric commonly used in protective motorcycle gear and is vastly stronger than denim when it comes to resisting abrasion.


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