World Environment Day: 5 ways you can protect the Earth while driving

Kenneth John Updated: June 05, 2023, 07:44 PM IST

Motor vehicles have been used by humans for over a century. Even though vehicles have a bad reputation for harming the environment, there are many ways to drive greener and safeguard the environment while you drive. Vehicle emissions include air pollutants that can harm human health and contribute to air quality concerns such as smog. This World Environment Day let's take a look at 5 different ways you can protect the planet while driving.

Get your PUC checked

While it is required to acquire a Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate - often known as a pollution certificate - for your car, some people still do not. The PUC certificate shows that your vehicle's emissions are within permitted levels. If they are not, your car is causing the most harm to the environment.

Maintain your car

Another suggestion that can save you money and benefit the environment, in the long run, is to maintain your car on a regular basis. Your vehicle will consume less petrol if it is well maintained. There will be fewer leaks discharging fluids into the earth. A well-maintained vehicle will travel much more smoothly and effectively than a neglected, gas-guzzling vehicle!

Opt for an EV

With the recent progress of the car industry, the days of automobiles being associated with clouds of smoke spewing out of their tailpipes are long gone. Electric vehicles have taken over, and the whole automobile industry has embraced them. So, if you want to entirely reduce your emissions, invest in an electric vehicle.

Reduce your vehicle usage

Consider your schedule and create strategies to avoid driving on occasion. You'll save petrol and help to reduce pollution by leaving it parked. Consider investing in a cycle or maybe even carpool. Probably the best way to ditch your vehicle and travel is by using public transport.

Check your tyre pressure

If your tires are underinflated, you will lose gas mileage and spew additional pollutants into the atmosphere. Check your tires using a pressure gauge on a regular basis to ensure that all tires are inflated to that figure.

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