Watch: Motorcycles and scooters coming to India in 2014 - Part II

Team OD Updated: January 04, 2014, 12:55 AM IST

2014 is going to be a great year in terms of new motorcycles for India. 2013 saw the focus beginning to shift from the commuters to larger motorcycles and this year is going to be the year the trend gains strength and momentum.

Shumi, in the second of this three part video series, talks about the bikes coming to India in 2014. In the first video (see Part I) he talked about the road ahead for Bajaj, Hero and KTM. Including the much spied new Pulsar 200SS and the KTM RC sportsbikes. But now, it's time to look at the TVS, Mahindra, Hyosung, Yamaha and Honda.


TVS is currently hard at work making sure their BMW collaboration bears sweet, juicy fruit. The motorcycle which will make an appearance is both TVS and BMW form, to be retailed individually by the partners in India is slotted for 2015. But before that we expect to see two scooters and perhaps the rumours RTR250. As usual, TVS will have a bunch of concepts at the Auto Expo, and we are hoping there will be some sign of the RTR250 in there.


The Centuro has done well and now it's the turn of the Mojo. Hopefully we will get to see the motorcycle at the Auto Expo and the launch date should be set for March or April. Mahindra have been working hard to updating the Mojo and we understand that the finished Mojo may be dramatically different from the one that has been shown before.


DSK Hyosung has confirmed two products for next year. The first is the GD250. It is their first all-new motorcycle in absolutely ages and looks a lot like the Duke in the angular shapes and stubby design. But more importantly, Hyosung will show this bike at the Auto Expo and launch it later this year. Beside it with be the new GV250 Aquila which is a familiar shape because it looks similar to the motorcycle Kinetic launched and sold here for a very short time, a long time ago. This will be launched at the Auto Expo and go on sale.


We are expecting more scooters from Yamaha. Their focus on scooters has brought them sales growth so it is natural for them to want to stay with them. But the big news is the R25. We broke the R25 Concept story on OVERDRIVE and now we are expecting to see the finished production version to see light of day in the middle of the year. Hopefully, Yamaha will have it slotted for India before the festive season and maybe a bit after that. It will take the next step promised by the R15 but how Yamaha will price it remains a big question. The R25 will be a good motorcycle but will it get a good price?


Honda's CBR300R is expected to show up at Auto Expo and it has, of course, already been in production in Thailand for a bit. We are expecting Honda to launch it in India shortly thereafter. Again, like the R25, pricing and positioning the motorcycle is going be a challenge.

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