Volvo issues clarification on 'Volvo car knocks down man' video

Team OD Updated: May 29, 2015, 03:40 PM IST

Volvo's 'safest car' claims have been in the line of fire lately, thanks to a viral video of a man getting knocked down during a Volvo 'self-parking' demonstration. In response, Volvo has come out with an official statement to explain the event.

Volvo knocks down man

The car in the video has been confirmed as an XC60 and the Swedish manufacturer insists that the event could have been avoided if the car was fitted with its Pedestrian Detection tech. The driver reportedly admits to having deactivated the City Safety function during the demonstration. But Volvo maintains that City Safety alone isn't enough to offer assistance in a situation like this. What City Safety is actually designed for is driving in heavy traffic and pre-empting rear end collisions with other cars at slow speeds. With this explanation, it seems that detecting human pedestrians in the car's vicinity is beyond the scope of the City Safety alone.

The crisp, bullet-point-ed statement from Volvo Auto India clearly sites "human error" as a cause of the incident and not gremlins in its safety tech.

Volvo Auto India reacts to the 'car knocks down man' video

A film has been circulated online that claims to show a demonstration of a "Self-Driving" or "Self-Parking" Volvo XC60. This is factually incorrect ·         This car was being driven by a human being. Moreover, this vehicle was not fitted with Pedestrian Detection, a Volvo safety system designed to identify pedestrians and apply a vehicle's brakes ·         Instead, this vehicle was fitted with a feature called City Safety, which is standard in all Volvos ·         This system contributes to safer driving in heavy city traffic by avoiding or mitigating rear end collisions with other vehicles in low speeds by braking ·         There was nothing wrong with the car itself. The unfortunate incident happened only due to human error  

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