Volkswagen India recalls 389 Polo models

Team OD Updated: October 09, 2015, 02:50 PM IST

Volkswagen India has issued a recall for 389 Polos across the country. The reason cited for the recall is an issue with the handbrake mechanism installed in Polos from the September 2015 batch.

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Volkswagen's Quality Analysis department found that handbrake cable retention levers placed in the rear brake liner from this particular batch could break under certain conditions. Owners of Polos affected by the recall will be contacted by Volkswagen and will have to bring the cars to the workshop for a check-up and repair.

Yesterday, Volkswagen had also instructed dealers to hold the deliveries of the Polos in stock. The deliveries will be resumed after the cars in stock are inspected and fixed.

Volkswagen Passenger Cars India calls back 389 Polo models into the workshop

Mumbai 08 October 2015: In the context of a voluntary safety measure, Volkswagen Passenger Cars in India is calling 389 Polo cars from a single batch of production from the month of September 2015 for inspection and preventive repair of the handbrake mechanism. The Quality Assurance department of Volkswagen India has determined that under certain conditions, the handbrake mechanism would lose effectiveness. The analysis performed by Volkswagen has shown that a batch of handbrake cable retention levers in the rear brake liner might break under certain conditions. Volkswagen has already identified the cars and has published the repair instructions to the service organisation in India. Customers who own the identified vehicles will be actively contacted by the Volkswagen dealers to come for an inspection and preventive repair. This operation will start with immediate effect. The activity at the workshop will require approximately one hour and will be carried out at no cost to the customer. The deliveries of the identified Polo cars in stock which had been put on hold yesterday will be resumed as and when the inspection and preventive repair of each car is completed. Volkswagen further confirms that deliveries for the non-impacted Polo range continue as per schedule.

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