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Video worth watching: V12-powered Ferrari 250 GTO screaming to glory

Team OD  | Updated: August 18, 2018, 05:07 PM IST

Regular readers of OVERDRIVE are already aware of the video worth watching series that we share on the weekends. These videos are generally the ones that leave an impact or have left us in a state of awe while viewing them. It can be one of the racing legends on a race track or a modern day motorcycle being ridden to its limits. The visuals, score and the drama surrounding the videos are one of the elements that keep most glued to them. However, the video that we are sharing today does not have any of that. It is just an on-board footage of a car driven around on the hills. That's not the right way to describe this video. Let's start all over again. The video that we have shared is of a 1964 V12-powered Ferrari 250 GTO being driven on a hilly road. Mind you there is no drama, background score or cool edits and transition effects in this video. It is just a visual of the driver steering the classic around the corners with the V-12 powered heart of the Ferrari screaming to its glory. Need we say more? Make sure you crank up the volume to max while listening to this. And yes, you're welcome!


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