Video Worth Watching: Mini Cooper sets Nurburgring lap record on two wheels

Team OD Updated: November 19, 2016, 05:43 PM IST

The Nurburgring is one of the most historic and feared racetracks around the world.  It is also a track where many car manufactures test their existing and upcoming models. The Nurburgring is 20.832 kilometres long, consists of 73 corners and there is over 300 metres of difference in elevation between the lowest and highest points. It's easy to understand why all fast cars are judged and bechmarked by their Nurburgring timing.

This month a new lap record has been set at the Nurburgring in a Mini Copper. What makes this record stand out from the previous ones was that for the first time a car has lapped the entire Nurburgring on two wheels. Chinese stunt driver Yue Han lapped the entire Nurburgring in 45:59:11 minutes while balancing the Mini Copper on two wheels. The 46-year old is the factory driver of the Red Bull China team.

After setting the new record, Han remarked that he has fulfilled his lifelong dream. It wasn't easy though as the left front tyre developed an issue which made it vibrate above particular speed. This is not the first world record set by Han in a Mini Copper. Around two years ago, he pulled off a spectacular parking maneuver by sliding a Mini Copper between two parked cars while leaving a gap of only eight centimeters on both sides. This record is yet to be broken.

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