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Video worth watching: M4 GTS is BMW’s new king of the ‘ring

Team OD  | Published: December 23, 2015, 10:25 AM IST

The M4 GTS is the fastest production BMW around the Nurburgring. If you have been closely following news about BMW cars, then you have probably heard about the M4 GTS' claim of completing a lap of the Nordshleife in under 7:28. That is a big claim that came two months back with the car's press release. But now there is proof that they have actually done it. Seen here is the video of the blisteringly fast lap around the 'ring, with narration from the man behind the wheel himself, Joerg Weidinger. You will repeatedly hear him saying, "stable car". After all, the 'ring is known for its notorious bumpy sections and they demand a very high level of chassis and suspension composure to achieve a lap time in this zone. In fact, less than seven and a half minutes around the 'ring is supercar territory and achieving it is a commendable feat for the M4 GTS. Let the video do the rest of the talking:


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