Video worth watching: Jaguar lets you 'visualise' the F-type SVR's exhaust notes

Team OD Updated: September 04, 2017, 11:08 AM IST

A quintessential supercar is defined by two important factors - looks and sound. Of course there's the dynamics, the performance, the price, the competition, the reputation and so on, but all these hold value in the eyes of a true enthusiast. For the uninitiated lot, a supercar's very first impressionable attributes are looks. The second attribute, which we believe is more impressionable, is the sound. Jaguar has been one such brand that has been producing breathtakingly beautiful cars that sound majestic as well. Recently, the company launched the Jaguar F-type SVR, which is a buffed up version of the normal F-type, upgraded by the company's Special Vehicle Operations division. The F-type is one helluva looker. And the sound it makes, is enthralling and intimidating to say the least.

Jaguar resorted to the practice of Cymatics, to unify the visual and aural experience. Cymatics is a practice of visualising the nodal patterns of a sound wave by representing them using vibrating particles, in solid or fluid form. In the video created by Jaguar, the F-type SVR's exhaust notes are captured using hi-tech lossless microphones. This is further modulated and played via speakers, on whose diaphragms special plates are attached. Plant seeds are poured on these plates, and as the diaphragm vibrates, the seeds form specific patterns corresponding to the nodes in the sound wave. We believe this makes for a more immersive experience, but we will let you decide for yourself. Have a look at the video.

Also be sure to watch the behind-the-scenes video here:

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