Victory Motorcycles present the Magnum X-1

Team OD Published: March 11, 2015, 10:28 AM IST

Victory Motorcycles has unveiled its new motorcycle that joins the list of the Bagger series of its motorcycles, christened the Magnum X-1. Aimed at customers who love music as much as riding, Victory says that new motorcycle is its loudest bike to date. Presented at the Full Moon Saloon on Daytona's iconic Main Street in the US, the alternative metal band, Godsmack revealed the motorcycle to the spectators.


The Magnum X-1 is kitted with a mind boggling 200W, 10-speaker audio unit with Bluetooth that is said to ensure thumping, power packed music notes accompany the exhaust note on those long cruises. Victory Motorcycles says that the Magnum X-1 is twice  as loud as the Magnum and four times as loud as the Cross Country motorcycles that it also produces.


Apart from the audiophile satiating system, the motorcycle comes with a host of interesting features such as the beautifully crafted, 21-inch black billet wheels that are machined from a single block of aluminium, lending the wheels increased strength sans the penalty of increased weight, says the company.


In addition, the LED headlamps are 74 per cent brighter than the Cross Country model, says Victory Motorcycles.

The loud paint job with striking red pin-stripe broadcasts your presence and the sheer size of the motorcycle simply contributes it. The bike is powered by a 1731cc, air-oil cooled, 50 degree Freedom 106 V-twin engine that is mated to a six-speed transmission.

Polaris, Victory Motorcycle's parent company sells the Indian brand of motorcycles in India and it would be interesting to see if it considers getting the Victory Motorcycles Magnum X-1 to our shores.


MEDINA, Minn. - March 7th, 2015 - The Full Moon Saloon on Daytona's iconic Main Street was the venue for the biggest show at Bike Week. Grammy Award-nominated Godsmack rocked the audience as they unveiled the Magnum X-1, the ultimate Bagger, designed for serious music fans, celebrating the culture and lifestyle that Victory motorcycle owners thrive in. SOUND IS NO BARRIER - Twist the throttle and crank the volume. On the Magnum X-1, pushing the sound barrier is about more than just speed. Throw a leg over and plug into 10 speakers blasting 200 watts powered by a 106 cubic inch Freedom® V-twin. This is our loudest bike ever. It harmonizes your riding style with your music style, and puts you center stage as the headliner of a rock concert. 200W AUDIO - THE RIDE HEARD ROUND THE WORLD. Take the loud route home. The Magnum X-1 is 4X louder than the Cross Country™, 2X louder than the Magnum. Trips on the Magnum X-1 are measured in miles and decibels. 10 SPEAKER AUDIO 200 WATTS OF POWER BILLET WHEELS - AMPLIFY THE WHEELS. These 21-inch Black Billet wheels play big and loud. They are machined from a single block of aluminum, making them stronger, lighter, and just damn good looking. Get ready for admirers and groupies. 21 INCH WHEEL UP FRONT BLACK BILLET CUT WHEELS LED LIGHTING - NEVER SHY FROM THE BRIGHT LIGHTS. The Magnum X-1 enjoys the LED limelight. This smoke tinted LED headlight is 74% brighter than the Cross Country™. From a distance at night, the Magnum X-1 sounds and looks like a rock and roll laser show. PROJECTOR LED 74% BRIGHTER THAN THE CROSS COUNTRY™ PAINT - THIS PAINT WAS MIXED BY AN EQUALIZER. Even the paint job is loud. Electric Red pops off the Black Gloss paint and echoes in the eye balls of anyone lucky enough to see a Magnum X-1 live. ELECTRIC RED OVER GLOSS BLACK AND PLATINUM ACCESSORIES – THE ENCORE. With Victory® accessories, riders can customize their bike without ever missing a beat. The show just rolls on. The full accessory line-up can be found at