Unveiled: Range Rover Sentinel armoured SUV

Team OD Updated: September 16, 2015, 09:15 PM IST

Land Rover's first armoured vehicle, the Range Rover Sentinel, built by its Special Vehicles Operation department, is based on the Range Rover Autobiography trim and carries VR8 level of certification. Range Rover says that the Sentinel can withstand 7.62mm high velocity incendiary bullets. The passengers are also protected against TNT blasts of upto 15kg as well as DM51 grenade explosions from above and below the undercarriage.

Range Rover Sentinel (2)

The passenger cell is a specially developed six piece unit which is made from high-strength steel. Standard glass has been replaced with a high privacy bulletproof multi-laminated one. The driver's side window has a 100mm opening to receive documents. Land Rover has also fitted an anti-smash rear glass, auxiliary battery, anti-tamper exhaust and a self-sealing fuel tank. Like most of the JLR vehicles, even this has an emergency boot escape mechanism. There is some optional equipment which can be ordered for additional protection - under bonnet and under floor fire suppression, external speaker system, emergency service lights and a configurable siren lights.

Range Rover Sentinel (7)

Range Rover Sentinel (1)

The Range Rover Sentinel is powered by a 3.0-litre V6 supercharged petrol engine that makes 340PS. The 8-speed ZF transmission has been recalibrated to suit the requirements of the Sentinel. Run flat inserts in the 20-inch rims ensure that the vehicle can carry sufficient ground even on a flat tyre. To bring the car to a stop, with all that extra mass on board, Range Rover has fitted the Sentinel with 380mm/365mm front-rear high-density disc brake pads on the wheels.

Range Rover Sentinel (4)

Range Rover Sentinel (6)

Range Rover says that the luxury levels as well as the legendary wading capabilities of the Sentinel SUV remain unchanged. It is available to order starting from now and has been homologated for most EU countries. Prices start from €400,000 (Rs 2.98 crore) without duties and optional equipment.


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