Trident Iceni claims to be the world's fastest and most fuel efficient diesel sports car

Team OD Updated: April 30, 2014, 04:52 PM IST

Trident has launched the Iceni sports car. The British company claims that the Iceni sports car is the world's fastest and most fuel efficient diesel vehicle in its category. The car is available in three models Iceni, Iceni Magna and Iceni Venturer and is now available for sale globally at a starting price of 96,000 pounds (Rs 97,56,096).

Trident Iceni sports car (1)Trident Iceni Sports Car

The Iceni is powered by a 6.6litre, turbo-diesel V8 capable of producing 400PS and an enormous 949Nm of torque. The transmission is a six-speed autobox which propels this car from 0-100kmph in 3.7 seconds. The top speed achieved by the Iceni is 190mph (305kmph). Trident claims that the Iceni can run 2000 miles (3218kms) on a single tank of gas which gives it a claimed efficiency figure of 24.39kmpl.

Trident Iceni sports car (2)Trident Iceni sports car rear

Trident is offering the Iceni with an option of four upgrade packs. The Track Performance which increases the power and torque figures to 669PS/1423Nm. The Performance pack unlike what the name suggests isn't a huge improvement over the standard car. It brings in 436PS and ups the torque figure to 1288Nm. Premium and Luxury upgrade packs don't increase the power figures but add to the comfort and functional aspect of the cabin.

Trident Iceni Magna (2)Trident Iceni Magna

The Iceni can run on mineral diesel and on 100 per cent bio-diesel too. Company says that the impresssive performance and fuel efficiency figures are achieved by the use of their patented torque multiplication technology. Trident says that the cars will be produced in limited numbers and they already have a waiting period.

Trident Iceni Magna (3)Trident Iceni Magna rear

Trident Iceni sports car (4)Each car can be built to customer specification making it truly unique


Two new models unveiled – the Iceni Magna & Iceni Venturer London, 29th April 2014; Trident, the British sports car brand, today announced the global availability of its flagship Iceni sports car, the world's fastest & most fuel efficient diesel sports car. With a top speed in excess of over 190mph and the ability to run for 2000 miles on a single tank of mineral or bio-diesel, the Iceni uses torque multiplication technology to achieve this unique combination of speed, power & fuel efficiency. Two new models to the Iceni range are also unveiled today, the Iceni Magna (fastback) & Iceni Venturer (estate). All three models boast the same impressive spec, each with its own distinctive design. In addition, the cars can store a minimum of two suitcases, as well as two holdalls, making a 2000-mile road trip a reality. Phil Bevan, designer & founder of Trident said, "The Trident cars deliver incredible speed & performance combined with outstanding fuel efficiency, achieved through our unique torque multiplication technology." It is widely believed that horsepower delivers power, speed & fuel efficiency, but it is in fact torque that matters. Using this technology in a road car increases fuel efficiency by up to 20%. Trident has patented a unique way of utilising torque multiplication to improve performance and efficiency, which has been incorporated into all their sports cars. The British designed Trident sports cars boast a distinctive look, with clean curves and the unusual sculpted rear. The cars also incorporate over thirty-nine bespoke, designed & manufactured components, including independent control of each car seat and oculight roof. In addition, every Iceni can be built to specific customer spec, ensuring a truly unique driving experience. Daniel Monaghan, co-founder of Trident said, "We have worked extremely hard to reach this point & the whole Trident team is thrilled to be bringing the world's most fuel-efficient diesel sports cars to market." The three Iceni sports cars are available to buy globally with prices starting from £96,000. With limited availability and a pre-launch waiting list, the three models are already in high demand across the globe. If you're interested in buying a Trident sports car please contact Trident direct, or 01760 723866 ENDS


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