Tokyo Motor Show: Toyota Concept-i autonomous details out

Team OD Updated: October 24, 2017, 01:08 PM IST

The Tokyo Motor Show is the best platform for automobile manufacturers to showcase their latest developments, concept cars, and upcoming models before the year comes to a close. The 45th Tokyo Motor Show scheduled to happen between October 27th to November 5, 2017. Just as the show dates come close, we take a look at the Toyota Concept-i autonomous EV that will take production form in 2020.

The Toyota Concept-i was first showcased at the CES where in its futuristic shape and design seems to have taken inspiration from science fiction movies. Additionally, Toyota has developed a special artificial intelligence programme for the Concept-i called Yui. that according to the company will grow and evolve with the driver. Unlike what we see in modern day cars, the Toyota Concept-i features a joystick controller that is positioned in the centre. In addition, the Toyota Concept-i comes with a chauffer mode that takes over controls from the driver where the autonomous system keeps an eye on the surrounding. The Yui interface can be seen on various screens that are placed at different points in the car. Toyota states that the Yui avatar is a combination of its body and soul. About the design of the Concept-i, Toyota states that the lines flow from the center of the dashboard throughout the vehicle, while Yui travels around them, using light, sound and even touch to communicate critical information. The interace utilizes a single wide-screen and a 3-D, full-color head-up display.

Toyota claims that the Concept-i comes with advanced automated driving technologies, where people with all levels of ability can enjoy the ride. The car makes use of biometric sensors to gauge the feelings of the driver. And according to the mode, the autonomous mode will send in a suggestion to take over from the driver.


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