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Tokyo Motor Show 2017: Toyota Concept-i Ride two-seater ideal for elderly and disabled

Team OD  | Updated: October 24, 2017, 01:33 PM IST

Toyota has been unveiling a bunch of hybrid and electric concepts at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show like the Concept - i, the Concept-i Walk and the TJ Cruiser. Along with these products Toyota also revealed the Concept-i Ride EV. It's a tiny two-seater hatchback, much like a smart car, but specifically designed for disabled or older people. It measures 2,500mm, 1,300mm and 1,500mm in length, width and height, while the wheelbase measures 1,800mm.

The Toyota Concept-i Ride features gull-wing doors for easy ingress and egress, while the electric driver's seat slides to the door which makes getting into it from a wheel chair, much easier. Additionally, the opening and closing of the door assists in the loading and unloading of the wheel chair, which can be neatly tucked behind the seat.

The Toyota Concept-i Ride also ditches the traditional steering wheel and pedals for a joystick which is attached the end of the driver's seat armrest. The seat is positioned at the centre while being the car is being driven, and to make things even more convenient, it also features automated parking and automated valet parking. These features can be activated using an AI that's constantly monitoring driving conditions and offering real time information. Toyota says that it the Concept-i Ride will be used by customers via sharing services, rather than individuals owning their own cars.


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