Tokyo Motor Show 2017: Nissan IMx electric SUV concept

Team OD Published: October 26, 2017, 12:12 PM IST

The Tokyo Motor Show has already started and it is turning out to be quite an event with multiple car and motorcycle concepts and models being showcased. The Nissan pavilion too has interesting concepts on display. Before you start pinning hopes on a new-gen Z car or even the IDX, it is the Nissan IMX electric SUV concept that seems to be sharing a lot with the next Nissan Leaf that comes in 2019.

The nose and the tail of the Nissan IMx make it look similar to the new-gen Nissan Leaf

Since compact SUVs are a rage in almost every market, it is obvious for car manufacturers to develop more new offerings to meet the demands. And then there is electrics and hybrids that is catching up with all players in order to reduce the carbon footprint. The Nissan IMx is a combination of both these worlds. Taking the brand's Intelligent Mobility plan ahead, the Nissan IMx SUV will come with a host of autonomous tech with no human intervention. In auto mode, the steering wheel moves and aligns itself with the dashboard while the seats get pushed backwards, so that the occupants can relax and spend more time communicating with each other. There is also a manual mode where a human can takeover at any point of time. The Nissan IMX will have a capability to auto drive, self parking and even power a home with its vehicle to grid connectivity.

Nissan states that the powertrain is capable of producing 429PS and can travel a total distance of 595km on one single charge

The Nissan IMx SUV come with an all-electric powertrain where a pair of electric motors draw power from the battery placed under the seats. Nissan states that the powertrain is capable of producing 429PS and can travel a total distance of 595km on one single charge. Additionally, Nissan also announced that the IMx SUV will make use of wireless charging making cables redundant.

The Nissan IMx concept has full autonomous capability

It was initially reported that the Nissan IMx is based on the same platform as the new-gen Leaf. However, the electric SUV is based on an all-new platform, that will also underpin 12 new cars from the Japanese manufacturer in the future that will arrive by 2022.  Will the Nissan IMx take production shape? That is something that we need to see

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