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Three Indian riders to compete in the Suzuka 2-Hour Endurance Race

Team OD  | Updated: June 05, 2014, 02:25 PM IST

The Suzuka 8 Hours is an event of epic proportions - the sort of event that makes the motorcycle enthusiast weak in the knees. It is a feat of endurance and precision, demanding attention and concentration aplenty from riders. And given that it has happened every year since 1978, there's no surprise that it has garnered the sort of fan following that it has. However, the format of the race is so very demanding that it really isn't for everybody. And thus, for the first time ever, a condensed version of the event has been put in place - the Suzuka 2-Hour Endurance race. The race doesn't feature Superbikes, instead it features Honda CBR250s and a whopping 70 motorcycles have confirmed their participation in the event.

A Prabhu, Sumit L Toppo and Sarath Kumar will represent India at the inaugural Suzuka 2-Hour Endurance RaceA Prabhu, Sumit L Toppo and Sarath Kumar will represent India at the inaugural Suzuka 2-Hour Endurance Race

The part that we are particularly kicked about, is, of course, that the three Indian riders who are currently competing in the Asia Dream Cup will compete in the 2014 edition of the event. Sarath Kumar, Sumit L Toppo and A Prabhu will all compete in the inaugural Suzuka 2-Hour Endurance Race. Of the grid of 18 riders who compete in the Asia Dream Cup, 16 have been confirmed in the Suzuka 2-Hours, with the exception of Sri Lankan rider Shoel Daniels and Koko Tadashi from the Philippines.

For the event, Sarath and A Prabhu team up as Team India, while Sumit Lucas Toppo teams up with Syunya Mori to form Team Japan/India.

We'll let you know about exactly how the riders line up on the grid ahead of the race itself and also let you know how they fare in the race itself. Watch this space.


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