The Troller T4 gets a new lease of life, courtesy Ford

Team OD Updated: June 04, 2014, 08:23 PM IST

It's a very big occasion for the Brazilian automobile industry. The only Brazilian manufacturer's only car is about to get a new lease of life after 20 years. The manufacturer we are talking about is Troller. It's known for its rugged and never-say-die SUVs; something like a Tata Safari with the dependability of a Maruti Suzuki.


Troller has been bought by Ford and the new model is the result of Ford's effort to time travel with this old timer. Ford cannot do a half-hearted job with this one and so it has put in 53,000 hours of virtual development and 2,00,000 kilometers of real world tests covering a variety of terrain.

It's still a pre-production model but boy does it look great! The concept on which it is based was also voted as the most beautiful car show exposure (we just hope it wasn't in the 'Brazilian manufacturers' category). The styling department has taken an old-school approach, quite tangential to Ford's current design philosophy. They have also come up with a fancy name for this paintjob-London Grey.

It also gets something called the sky-roof i.e. an XL-sized sun-roof. It comes equipped with mixed-use tyres and a high mounted air-intake. It is also prepared to accommodate a snorkel and a winch just in case you find the standard stuff below par.


It gets a 3.2-litre diesel engine, probably the five-cylinder one from the Ford Ranger. The new T4 is a giant step ahead for Troller. If the EcoSport which was originally meant for the Brazilian market could make its way to India, then expecting this stunner of an SUV on our roads wouldn't be asking for too much, now, would it?

Ford Troller

EVOLUTION, MODERNITY, DESIGN: A NEW GENERATION OF TROLLER T4 IS DISPLAYED IN SAO PAULO Troller has expanded the expectation of the public to switch to the second generation of the main off-road utility Brazil Fully national project, the New Troller T4 respects its heritage and vocation terrain It is an entirely new vehicle set to exceed challenges The Troller expanded the expectation of the public to switch to the second generation of the main off-road utility Brazil: New T4. Still revealed as pre-production model, the all-new vehicle Troller displays a personality marked by evolution, modern and attractive design, with robust and dynamic lines that reveal its propensity to face any kind of slopes and trails. "It's a totally new vehicle set to exceed challenges - even more robust, with a mechanical fail-safe, modern and striking design together," says Wagner Conception, general manager of Troller. "Purely national project, the New Troller T4 respects its heritage and vocation terrain". The model is produced in the factory Troller, fully remodeled. Located in Horizonte, Ceará, she received several investments to enhance their production processes and introduce advanced quality programs for the New Troller T4. During its development, the utility rolled over 200,000 km under varying conditions of climate and terrain, in different regions of the country and on the slopes of the field Tatuí Evidence in São Paulo. The project also included about 53 thousand hours of virtual development and 22 thousand hours of virtual tests to meet the high standards of strength and reliability required of a legitimate off-road. Handsome, muscular, need Its design was based on the brand concept shown at the last Motor Show in São Paulo and voted the most beautiful "car show" exposure. The New Troller T4 surprisingly strong and spectacular visual muscular lines, a clear demonstration of how an off-road utility can also combine beauty and elegance. The quality is noticeable in the finish, the bodywork tweaks and details. It is produced with special material called composite, high precision, thanks to innovative manufacturing processes. The lines of the body reveal the proposal of a new streamlined design with various aesthetic and harmonic elements that highlight your look. The wide fenders integrated into the body, the bonnet with central large-sized, wide doors with sills at floor height and aluminum wheels 17 inches reinforce the rugged look of the vehicle. The front grille with interwoven plots and LED taillights refer to modernity. In the center, the brand logo Troller seal the vehicle. With a creative palette of exterior colors, the New Troller T4 is also enhanced by the application of gray tint, identified as "London Grey" in parts of the body: the roof, bumpers, running boards, air outlet and accessories. The color contrast highlights the sporty character of the vehicle, showing who is always prepared to face different kinds of challenges. Functionality, equipment and design The New Troller T4 is a fully functional vehicle. It comes with front guard and running boards integrated into the design side of the body. On the roof, a great novelty is the "sky-roof", ie two paned windows that provide excellent illumination of the cabin and allow the external display. He also brings baggage with adjustable crossbars, and a spoiler on the rear cover with integrated brake-light. The body of the New Troller T4 displays ground clearance and angles of entry and exit to further extend its off-road capability. Mixed-use tires, air intake in high position prepared for the installation of snorkel and winch are integrated basis for other equipment that contribute to its versatility. The interior has a new design, with nice visuals and high quality materials, which also offer high resistance and easy cleaning for use in various situations, such as in and out in usual areas of mud and dust on the trails. The various options of bank regulation and the tools at hand easier to find a good driving position. Original, radical and genuine The New Troller T4 changed the platform, the exterior design and concept of the interior. But it has not lost its original, radical and genuine basis of available off-road, hallmark Troller, gaining even more strength with a new mechanical assembly. The all-terrain performance is the key point of the vehicle. This attribute is now associated with other positive aspects such as drivability, driveability and comfort for running also in the city. Its 3.2 L diesel engine and manual six-speed transmission will bring a new perspective of power, torque and speed. "The consumer wins a new generation Troller without losing its rich heritage, its DNA. Rare and very few vehicles in the Brazilian market segment have an impressive powertrain as the New Troller T4. Soon, we demonstrate the practical advantages of this vehicle" emphasizes the Executive Sales, Marketing and Service, Troller, Wilson Vasconcellos Son. "The view of the first units aims to create an impact and give a positive response to the thousands of fans who await with great anticipation the arrival of the New T4" he says with pride. Better, more car, more Troller The Troller has established itself over the years as the leading brand of off-road Brazil. T4 is synonymous with strength and victory. In sports, he is winning important competitions in Brazil, as the Country Rally, and is attracting the biggest rally of regularity Country: Copa Troller. Only Brazilian utility with the soul and pulse off-road, the Troller T4 new generation was much better. As highlighted communication created for their presentation: "Much more car. Further Troller ". Other product details will be disclosed at the time of its release.

Price (Ex-Delhi)
Starts Rs 14.99 Lakhs
Max Power(ps)
Max Torque(Nm)

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