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India Superbike Festival 2014 will be at Pune from December 6-7: Registered yet?

Team OD  | Updated: December 05, 2014, 06:27 PM IST

The India Superbike Festival 2014 hits Pune tomorrow, from December 6 to 7. We're all geared up and ready for the road to Pune and we hope you're getting there soon too.

2014 ISF (5)Lots of motorcycle exotica to ogle at

Shumi and Bert meanwhile are so giddy with excitement, we've had to feed them three cans of Red Bull each to calm them down. That didn't really work you know. And Rohit and Alan are polishing and waxing away all that riding gear until it shines and sparkles in the dark. For safety reasons and better visibility on the road that is. Not  so you can go spot them flashing in the parking lots among even shinier motorcycles.

2014 ISF (17)That's the Loudest Motorcycle contest in progress at the ISF Bengaluru. Can Pune get louder than Bengaluru? We certainly hope so. . .

2014 ISF (8)The smell of singed rubber and scorching tarmac is getting us giddy with excitement already

Come down here and catch up on all the biking fun and motorcycle exotica at Amanora Town Centre, Magarpatta, Pune. Smoking hot burnout sessions, lovely sounding sportsbikes with lovelier nicknames, fluorescent motorcyclists - this festival will have it all!

2014 ISF (14)And it's totally legit to publicly serenade your hog here as she takes centre stage. We know you've always wanted to

Not registered yet? Click here and sign up. And yes, we expect you to bring your motorcycle as your plus one. And if you have a name for her (we know you do), let us know. See you there!


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