Tesla Semi electric truck with 800km range unveiled

Team OD Updated: November 17, 2017, 02:23 PM IST

Tesla Motors has just unveiled its all-electric semi truck, plainly named the Tesla Semi. The Tesla Semi brings a breath of fresh of air to the semi truck industry with a major redesign of the semi cabin as well as its eco-friendly electric powertrain. The all-electric Tesla Semi truck bears a distinct design thanks to the flexibility afforded by the lack of a big diesel motor under its hood. The Tesla Semi has enough power to propel itself to 100kmph in 5 seconds, and this timing with its max payload of 36,000kg stands at 20 seconds. The Semi truck can even climb up a 5 per cent gradient at 105kmph, something a diesel-powered competitor will accomplish at no more than 72kmph. The aerodynamics of the Tesla Semi result in a lower drag coefficient than on a supercar, claims Tesla Inc. This and the large power pack makes it super-efficient, resulting in a maximum range of 800km on a single charge. Tesla has also been exploring ways to bring its Model 3 car to India after a much-delayed timeline.

The Tesla Semi uses individual electric motors on each wheel, which are also found on the Tesla Model 3. It also uses the same door handles as the Model 3. The electric power, however, has been used here so as to maximise function. The Semi charges up at solar-powered Megachargers and can get 640-odd miles of range on a 30-minute charge.

The Tesla Semi utilises regenerative braking to further conserve and use power. Inside the cabin, the driver is in central focus with the driver's seat located in centre, as seen in the McLaren F1 hypercar of yesteryear. With no large engine to hide under the hood, the view has been bettered and Tesla claims the Semi will allow the driver to look down to the road surface just in front of the truck.

Despite a 3-feet tall stack of battery power packs under the floor of the Tesla Semi, there is enough room in the cabin for a 6-foot-6 driver to stand inside. There is also a small jumper seat to the right of the driver's seat for a co-passenger. No major buttons except for hazard lights lends the dash a clean look, which features two large touchscreens for all other controls and information, including monitoring the truck's surroundings.

The Tesla Semi also integrates an Enhanced Autopilot into its system. Tesla has pioneered and refined these driver-assistance systems on its consumer car models and hence this comes as no surprise. The Enhanced Autopilot features include automated emergency braking, lane departure warnings and lane-keeping to ensure a safe drive.

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