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Subaru reveals new global platform, will power autonomous driving

Team OD  | Published: March 09, 2016, 09:45 AM IST

Subaru has revealed a new global platform which will form the underpinning of the next generation cars from the brand, says the company. The new platform will be flexible to accommodate hybrids, plug-in hybrids, electric and other types of alternative power units claims Subaru. The new generation Impreza will be the first car to be based on the SGP platform.

Subaru Global Platform

The carmaker claims that the new platform will offer better straight line stability due to an increase in rigidity, which is 70 to 100 per cent more than the existing models. Subaru has also worked on the dynamics of the vehicle by tweaking the suspension and the steering wheel setup. Additionally, the frame structure and the joints have been optimized to improve the overall torsional rigidity by 70 per cent. These updates have helped reduce vibrations from the steering wheel, floor and seats, says Subaru in a statement.

"The Subaru Global Platform lifts Subaru's automotive technology to new heights, and marks the next step in the evolution of "Enjoyment and Peace of Mind," the value that Subaru offers to its customers. This new platform represents the culmination of the know-how we have developed over many years, and we are confident that it will allow us to produce vehicles that live up to our proud traditions and meet the high expectations customers have of Subaru. We continue to work on designing ever-more attractive vehicles that offer the customer both enjoyment and peace of mind," said FHI president, Yasuyuki Yoshinaga.


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