Stunning vintage motorcycles at India Superbike Festival 2013

Team OD Updated: October 25, 2013, 03:56 PM IST

One of the highlights of the India Superbike Festival 2013 in Pune has been the vintage motorcycle collection on display here. There were bikes as much as 100 years old, but barring their simple World War era design, they barely showed any signs of ageing. Most bikes are in mint condition and even fit to take you for a spin around Pune.

But given their priceless nature, we'd advise you to stick to admiring them at the India Superbike Festival 2013 Day 2, or look at our image gallery in case you couldn't make it.

superbike (132)The 1956 Velocette Venom arrives at the ISF 2013

vintage (38)This 1911 Triumph was the highlight of the vintage collection

vinntage (37)The Nitin Dossa-owned Triumph was the oldest bike on display

vinntage (35)World War era military bikes from Triumph, Royal Enfield and BSA

vinntage (20)Owners giving final touches to these vintage beauties on Day 1 of ISF

vinntage (16)The 1944 Indian Chief (front) and a couple of stunning 1941 Matchless at ISF 2013

vinntage (14)

vinntage (11)

vinntage (10)

vinntage (8)

vinntage (1)

vinntage (3)

vinntage (51)


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