Starstruck 2017: Images from the Delhi-Alwar leg

Team OD Updated: December 19, 2017, 04:21 PM IST

Every year, team OVERDRIVE and Mercedes-Benz set off on a journey to some of the remotest corners in India for a stargazing experience unlike any other. Starstruck has always been regarded as the ultimate way to get understand the mysteries behind those twinkling objects in the sky, and the highlight has always been the luxurious fleet of Mercedes-Benz SUVs that have ferried us to wherever we've desired. The three-pointed star, as it's known, is the benchmark of comfortable, effortless journeys where the passengers are seated in the lap of luxury and the best in safety. So far, we've always headed to the rarified atmosphere in and around Leh in Jammu Kashmir. This year however, we decided to explore the skies, closer to base. We split the event, this year, into three legs- Delhi to Alwar, Pune to Koynanagar near Satara and Mangalore to Chikmagalur

The photos here are from the drive from Delhi to Alwar, in Rajasthan.

On a cold winter morning, we gathered at the forecourt of the JW Marriot in Aerocity, near the Indira Gandhi International Airport

Our participants Gulvansh Sakhuja and his sister Meghna Sakuja listen in as the briefing gets underway

Soon, it was time to roll towards Rajasthan. The Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 Coupe was our lead car throughout

The magnificent Aravalli Range left us captivated and we had to stop and embrace the view

The Mercedes is, as one participant put it, smooth as silk

The Gandharva Retreat played excellent hosts to our gaggle of participants. The rooms were well appointed but at the same time themed as traditional homes in Rajasthan

Driving through the Sariska Tiger Reserve in the dark was a unqiue experience

After an adventurous drive through the forest we were treated to the local, Rajasthani folk dances. It was quite a sight to witness the colourful dresses and soulful Rajasthani music

After dinner, we set up our telescope and witnessed the night sky in all its magnificence

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