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Samsung launches Galaxy J3 with motorcycle-safe mode

Team OD  | Updated: March 31, 2016, 06:46 PM IST

Samsung India Electronics has launched the Galaxy J3 smartphone which features an innovative S bike mode. This mode when activated before the start of a ride, informs callers via an automated answering machine that since the user is riding a two-wheeler, the call will go unanswered.

The Samsung Galaxy J3 features in-built NFC hardware with an NFC tag. The tag can be attached by the rider to the helmet or the fuel tank and the user needs to tap it gently in order to activate or deactivate it. The S bike mode does not offer any notification feature about incoming calls to ensure that the rider doesn't get distracted.

Samsung Galaxy J3 (2)

Another innovative bit is that in case of an emergency situation, the caller can press 1, after which the call will be allowed to go through. However, the user will need to pull over and ensure that the two-wheeler comes to a stop else the motion lock feature won't allow the incoming call to be answered.

Additionally, there's also a smart reply feature which sends out an automated SMS to selected contacts giving them an estimated timeframe by when the rider will be able to answer their call. This timeframe gets calculated depending on the trip destination chosen by the user. Also, by using the S bike mode, owners will have a chance to win up to Rs 1,500 per month from Freecharge.

Speaking on the launch, Asim Warsi. senior vice president, Samsung India Electronics said "Samsung is constantly in the pursuit of meaningful innovations that make people's lives better. S bike mode is a result of that vision. While studying the consumers' phone usage behaviour, we realised that incoming calls are a major distraction to bikers. We are very happy that we have come up with something that will benefit millions of two-wheeler users and promote responsible riding."

The Samsung Galaxy J3 costs Rs 8,990 and is available exclusively on Snapdeal.


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