Royal Enfield opens online store for riding gear

Team OD Updated: March 26, 2015, 03:52 PM IST

Royal Enfield recently revealed its 2015 collection of touring friendly riding boots and we will admit that there are some handsome boots in what is quite a large selection. However now, customers can simply log onto to browse through Royal Enfield's complete range of gear. This includes on-bike gear such as jackets, gloves, helmets and of course, boots. However, fans of the Indian owned British brand can also shop for things like loafers, sweaters, t-shirts and more. You can also browse through items like travel kits and diaries and other curios which make good companions on a long rides. Head over to the website for more or scroll down for the new range of footwear with the company's description for each.

RE01-Black-0887Defender/High-top riding boots. 1.2mm premium suede leather and heavy-duty canvas . Strong metal grommets, hexagonal eyelets and quick-lacing hooks. Rs 6,599

RE01-Brown-0880Defender/High-top riding boots. Standard issue military gear, purpose-built for riding. Deep-treaded thermoplastic rubber sole for superior grip and comfort. Rs 6,599

RE02-Black-0343Hussar/Oil-pull-leather riding boots. 100 per cent genuine leather upper. Gear-shift patch. Reinforced toe cap, heel counter, malleolus ankle guard. Rs 6,599

RE02-Wine-0325Hussar/Wax-brushed suede riding boots. Leather with a unique matte-like texture and duotone coloring. Rs 7,099

RE03-COGNAC-0005Trailblazer/High-ankle riding boots. 100 per cent genuine leather upper. Padded collar. Thermoplastic rubber soles with leather inserts. Quick-lacing hooks. Rs 7,099

RE03-Light_Brown-0224Trailblazer/High-ankle riding boots. 100 per cent genuine leather upper. Thermoplastic rubber soles with leather inserts. Malleolus ankle guard. Rs 7,099

RE04-Brown-0202Clipper/ Washed suede ankle boot. 100 per cent leather upper. Genuine washed suede. Metal zipper on counter. Rs 6,099

RE05-Brown-0892Donnington/Mid-ankle sneaker. Flexible Strobel construction with suede counter details. Metal zipper. Rs 5,099

RE06-Brown-0165Garrison/High-top sneaker. Strapped, padded collar. Padded upper toe. Flexible Strobel construction. Rs 6,099

RE06-Navy-2-0893Donnington/Mid-ankle sneaker. Flexible Strobel construction with suede counter details. Inspired by the classic chukka boot. Rs 5,099

RE06-Navy-0287Garrison/High-top sneaker. 100 per cent  genuine leather upper. Metal zipper. Comfortable and comes with Strobel construction for flexibility. Rs 6,099

RE07-OLIVE-0027Lowlander/Classic desert boot. High quality brushed suede for a weathered look. Thermoplastic sole with leather inserts. Rs 6,099

While the merchandise listed above is great for any Royal Enfield enthusiast, for serious riders we recommend our detailed guides for picking riding gear.

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