Royal Enfield launches wide range of riding gear and accessories for women

Sumesh Soman Updated: June 16, 2020, 12:00 AM IST

Royal Enfield has launched a new range of riding gear, apparel and accessories for women, and these are available for customers online as well as at dealerships. This includes riding jackets, trousers, gloves, helmets, t-shirts, shirts and jeans. The prices for accessories start from Rs 700 and go up to Rs 14,000. The products have been designed considering the riding habits of female customers and the varied weather conditions across the country. During the initial phase, these products will be available at select stores in Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Kolkata.

The apparel range includes 3 types of gloves- Summer, Vintage and Military. Each has a specific function and also gets a different style when it comes to design and material used. And the helmet range includes 2 styles to choose from and gets 7 different colour options along with attractive graphics. The summer riding gloves cost Rs 2,500 and the leather riding gloves is for Rs 3,300. The full-face helmets cost Rs 3,700, while the open face helmets are for Rs 2,700.

The jacket range comes with two choices and three colour options, a marshall jacket and a leather jacket. The rider jacket range gets three different options- a summer mesh jacket, three-layer all-weather jacket and a leather jacket. The cotton riding jackets is priced at Rs 5,800, summer mesh riding jacket is for Rs 7,000 and the all-weather riding jacket priced costs Rs 14,000

The apparel range offers two types of jeans along with two options of riding trousers, the everyday usage includes Gothic and Indi style, riding trouser options cover summer riding trouser and all-weather riding trouser. The summer mesh riding trouser is for Rs 6,500 and the all-weather riding trouser costs Rs 9,500.

And the T-shirt collection includes three options and a tank top as well. The T-shirt range starts at Rs 700 and goes all the way up to Rs 1,100. The collection covers everything from head to toe and the customers won't have to go looking for another store to complete their proper Royal Enfield look.

Puneet Sood, head of apparel business at Royal Enfield said, "Royal Enfield has a long-standing commitment of providing a 'pure motorcycling' experience to everyone in love with the motorcycling way of life, and this goes beyond the legendary motorcycles and encompasses our range of apparel and riding gear too. Therefore it was a natural step for us to create a collection of clothing for women, inspired by this motorcycling way of life, designed to be aspirational yet accessible, to support them in their pursuits of exploration. Our Protective and Lifestyle Apparel stand for safety, comfort and style, something that we have incorporated in this range as well. We are happy to launch our range of women's riding gear and apparel and aim at enhancing the motorcycling experience for women riders."

The launch of the apparel range will be followed by a digital initiative that brings out real-life stories of riders from around the country who have accomplished commendable milestones on their bikes, the digital campaign #DeedsNotWords will start on June 16.