Royal Enfield announces "proactive service update" for the Himalayan

Team OD Updated: October 30, 2019, 10:37 AM IST

Royal Enfield has announced what it is calling a "proactive service update" for its latest model, the Himalayan to rectify a few problems based on customer feedback. Royal Enfield insists that this is not a recall as the problems are not safety related and are not common to all Himalayans.

Royal Enfield Himalayan off-road static shot

Siddhartha Lal, MD and CEO, Eicher Motors said, "We have feedbacks [sic] from some customers about high engine noise. Although it doesn't affect performance we have found a solution to it. Usually we rectify such issue in first service but we are asking customers to bring their bikes earlier to get it resolved."

Royal Enfield will also replace the rocker unit in the engine, fix the problem of a hard gearshift, fit a new saree guard with an altered design and address the issue of the Himalayan's main stand touching the frame. OVERDRIVE was the first to report that the motorcycle may not be sold without the centre stand as this was found to hit against the chain in some conditions. RE, at that time had refuted these claims.

"I want to clarify this is not a recall. Recalls are actually meant for safety related and other large issues. In fact this (exercise by Royal Enfield) is commonly referred to as proactive service update. These issues are not across the board and out of multiple of thousands of the bike we have sold so far, only a few hundred are affected depending on the type of complaint," said Siddhartha Lal.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Rear 3/4 shot

Since India does not have an official recall mechanism there is some leeway available to a manufacturer to roll out running fixes to products already on the market when a component or assembly is found to have a problem. In that sense, Royal Enfield can call this whatever they like. That said, some of the issues being fixed are clearly useability problems and therefore only indirectly safety issues.

An OVERDRIVE reader did confirm that he has received a call from Royal Enfield to take his Himalayan back to service to get these problems fixed. All the work required will be undertaken free of cost.

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