Road Rover model launch likely to happen in late 2019

Team OD Published: September 25, 2017, 12:16 PM IST

No, we aren't mistaken with that name. Jaguar Land Rover is reportedly coming up with an all-new electric lineup of cars. The new lineup will be called Road Rover and is primarily targeted at the US markets. It is very clear here that Jaguar Land Rover with their new Road Rover brand has Tesla in its sights. Earlier this month, Ralf Speth, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover had mentioned that all new model launches from 2020 will have an electric powertrain. This seems to be a step forward in that direction. The first Road Rover is likely to be a premium car, more like a Jaguar XJ rival, but like the Audi A8 quattro, will have all-wheel drive capability. However, the Road Rover car is likely to be tuned more for on-road performance. We expect the Road Rover XJ-rival to have a sub-5s 0-100kmph time as well as a 500km pure electric range.  In due course of time, Road Rover will bring in the off-road expertise of Range Rover and launch rugged SUVs with electric powertrains.

Image of the Jaguar XJL used as a representation for the upcoming Road Rover premium sedan

Jaguar Land Rover recently showcased the Sayer steering wheel. The detachable steering wheel can be brought home, and functions as an artificial intelligence (AI) assistant. Noting the owner's time to leave home, the steering wheel will locate the closest car and summon it autonomously to the owner's house. The customer can choose sole ownership, or if they wish to share their vehicle with other members of the community. JLR sees the Sayer as a companion for the customer. Once part of the community, the customer can also choose a particular car that they want to drive and inform Sayer which will then work out the best possible option. It is said that the Road Rover vehicles could be fitted with this steering wheel which will give them at least level three of autonomous driving capability. In due course, they will be refined and can be adapted for fully autonomous driving.


Price (Ex-Delhi)
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