Rimac Nevera sets 23 records in single day including the 0-400-0 kmph

Kenneth John Published: May 18, 2023, 11:06 AM IST

The Rimac Nevera continues to smash records, with the electric hypercar having an exciting day on a German test track. It set 23 records on the same day at the Automotive Testing Papenburg (ATP) facility, where it took advantage of the 4-kilometre (2.49-mile) straights.

The 0-400-0kmph record is widely considered as the ultimate test of hypercar straight-line performance. It tests acceleration, aerodynamics, peak speed, and stopping power. And today, with a new record time of 29.93 seconds - nearly a second faster than the previous holder - the Nevera is the indisputable hypercar champion.

The records were set at Germany's Automotive Testing Papenburg (ATP) facility on its straights, and they were independently validated by Dewesoft and RaceLogic. Both third-party verifiers had staff on-site to assist with record-breaking activities and to check that their equipment was in excellent working condition. The Nevera even beat its own official specs during its record-breaking day, clocking 0-60mph in 1.74 seconds (compared to 1.85 seconds). All acceleration records were accomplished on non-prepped asphalt using a regular one-foot rollout and road-legal Michelin Cup 2 R tires.

Tests Racelogic (seconds) Dewesoft (seconds)
0-60 mph 1.74 1.74
0-100 km/h 1.82 1.81
0-200 km/h 4.42 4.42
0-300 km/h 9.23 9.22
0-400 km/h 21.32 21.31
100-200 km/h 2.59 2.59
200-300 km/h 4.81 4.79
200-250 km/h 2.00 2.00
0-100-0 km/h 4.03 3.99
0-200-0 km/h 8.85 8.86
0-300-0 km/h 15.68 15.70
0-400-0 km/h 29.94 29.93
1/4 mile 8.26 8.25
1/8 mile 5.46 5.44
1/2 mile 12.82 12.83
Standing mile 20.62 20.59
0-100 mph 3.23 3.21
0-120 mph 4.19 4.19
0-130 mph 4.74 4.75
0-250 mph 21.89 21.86
60-130 mph 2.99 2.99
0-200 mph 10.86 10.86

The innovative battery system, engine, and software developed in-house by the Rimac Group are critical to the Nevera's speed. The front and back powertrains, each comprised of two separate motors, supply power to each wheel separately. The Nevera produces a total of 1,904PS and 2,360Nm of torque. A sophisticated web of in-house created electronic control units collaborates with an NVIDIA Pegasus-based supercomputer to calculate and deliver output to the four powertrain systems 100 times per second.

The Nevera exemplifies much of the potential of electric hypercars, which can surpass ICE rivals while emitting no pollution. Only 150 units of Rimac Nevera will be manufactured.

Commenting on the achievement, Mate Rimac, founder and CEO of Rimac Automobili said, "When we set out to engineer the Nevera, our performance targets were incredibly ambitious, and we've now managed to overshoot all of those. What I'm most proud of though, is that this isn't a car purely designed for straight-line performance. The Nevera can go from breaking records to driving over 300 miles on a charge, refilling from 0-80% in less than 20 minutes and keeping the most demanding drivers in the world engaged. The Nevera is a fully rounded next-generation hypercar that has been praised time and again by the world's media for reinventing the world of performance. Not just faster than traditional competitors, but, surprising for a fully electric car, engaging and capable too."