Red Bull Racing and Suzuki inaugurate the 2016 Road to Rookies Cup in India

Rahul Richard Updated: May 05, 2016, 01:17 AM IST

Red Bull Racing and Suzuki have announced their partnership for the Road to Rookies Cup program in 2016. Through this program, the two organisers hope to create a structured path for young riders in India to make it to the world stage of motorcycle racing. The organisers will nominate 10 riders, based on their performance in other motorsport events, to participate in the Road to Rookies Cup. The program focuses on honing the skills of younger riders, and will be open to people within the age group of 13-17.

Red Bull

The selected participants will be coached thoroughly by mentors from around the world. After training, the 10 riders will race during the 2016 Suzuki Gixxer Cup. Of these 10, two will be selected and sent to Spain for further coaching. If the riders make it past that, they will participate in the Redbull Rookies Cup. The winner of this championship gets a direct entry into Moto3.

K Rajini, winner of the 2015 Malaysian Superbike Challenge, will be one of the mentors at the Road to Rookies Cup program. He feels that this is a great opportunity for young riders to make it to the top. Considering how expensive motorsport is, he is happy that there is an initiative like this in India, giving youngsters opportunities that he never had.


Aras Gibieza, the renowned stunt rider, was at the event to show his support for this program. To keep things interesting, Rajini and Gibieza raced for a couple of laps around the go-kart track at the ECR speedway in Chennai.

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