Probuz and Reverto lubricants launched in india

Team OD Published: October 16, 2017, 08:05 PM IST

Arabian Petroleum a leading provider of specialized industry offerings with a wide range of lubricants, oils, greases and other speciality products. The company has now launched Probuz and Reverto lubricants that has been developed by in technical collaboration with XADO India Lubricants.

The company states that in an engine, the areas of excessive stress have a lot of destructive heat. This excessive heat energy is used by revitalizant to construct the protective layer. A new coating is formed on top of the worn old surface. This coating known as metal-o-ceramic coating is harder than metal. The company mentions that In just 1500 kilometers of running revitalizant brings back the engine to almost its default level.

Both the Probuz and Reverto lubricants are meant for older and newer vehicles. The lubricants help improve the compression and offer equal compressed pressure in all cylinders. This in turn helps reduce fuel dilution and and improve the fuel efficiency. Additionally, the lubricants also helps reduce vibrations and offer smoother working of the motor. The bigger benefit, however, is that the emissions of the engine can be controlled. Even the life of engine parts can be further increased, states the company.

Commenting at the launch, Manan Mehta, director, Arabian Petroleum Ltd. said that in just sixteen months of its (APLs) entry into automotive segment, the company has gained substantial market share in many markets. With the introduction of Probuz and Reverto lubricants Arabian Petroleum Ltd. will further improve its position among the premium products in the market.

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