Preview: R2H eRideLite promises a greener mode of transport

Team OD Updated: December 28, 2016, 11:07 AM IST

Electric vehicles might be way more cleaner and efficient than the conventional options. However, the premium technology involved in manufacturing as well as sourcing of critical components makes it an expensive option. This is one the main reasons why some of the most renowned manufacturers are taking slow strides in this direction. However, that doesn't seem to be a discouraging factor for the Uttar Pradesh-based start-up R2H - Ride to Happiness. The start-up has launched its first offering in the electric bike space with the eRideLite at Rs 23,900.

R2H eRideLite 2

R2H, founded by Chennai-based Ajeet Kumar, has its manufacturing facility in Ghaziabad, UP. The reason on selecting that location is the convenience of sourcing mechanical and electrical components from nearby areas, including Noida and Gurugram. The electric two-wheeler start-up has a team of 15 members and whose core members have previously worked with automotive industry, tech product development and finance. The company will presently concentrate on the response it gets from the domestic market and will then look at exports.

6154814723809627The manufacturing facility of the R2H is located in Ghaziabad, UP

The electric bike will be offered in two versions - eRideLite 50 and the eRideLite 90. As the name suggests, these models offer a range of 50km and 90km on one full charge. The company mentions that the charging time for the eRL50 is five to six hours while the eRL90 is between eight to nine hours. In terms of features, the eRideLite 50 comes equipped with a LED display while the more premium option comes with LCD display and USB port.

The other features of the eRideLite include front/rear disc brakes and alloy rims. It runs on 26-inch front and rear tyres which are 1.76 inches wide. It also gets a 6-speed Shimano gears on the rear wheel. At present, the eRL is available in two colours - blue yellow and black red. The diamond-shaped steel frame of the eRideLite comes a five-year warranty.

R2H eRideLite

The electric bike is powered by a 34V 250W brushless DC motor that is manufactured in India. The motor will be powered by a Lithium-ion battery. Its cells are sourced from Panasonic and Sanyo as there are no local manufacturers in India. R2H states that this removable battery comes with a one-year warranty and has a minimum life span of two years. The eRideLite 50 gets a 36V 10A battery while the eRideLite 90 will be offered with a 36V 17A battery. The battery on both the bikes can be switched on/off with a key that is positioned under the handle bar. R2H claims that the electric bike can do 0 to 20kmph in 10 seconds and can reach a maximum speed of 25kmph. In addition, the rider can also pedal the bike that will be supported by a 6-gear Shimano unit fitted on the rear wheel.

The company will also provide aftersales support by opening a dedicated customer care centre for the eRideLite. R2H plans to tie up with premium cycle retailers in the major cities in India that will provide mechanical/electrical support for the eRL.

In order to make the eRideLite an affordable offering, R2H has resorted for crowdfunding as that eliminates the middleman and gives direct access to the customers. This helps in getting precise feedback that can be incorporated in the products without any delay as seen in the conventional model. It also brings down the working capital and the inventory costs. The company has presently raised Rs 6.46 lakh out of Rs 10 lakh from 33 funders on the Fueladream crowdfund platform.

Project time line for eRideLite

The introductory prices of the eRL50 and eRL90 are Rs 23,900 and Rs 35,900 which will be applicable for the first 20 customers. For the next 100 customers, the prices will be raised to Rs 25,900 and Rs 37,900. And then, the prices would be further raised to Rs 37,000 and Rs 53,000 which will be the final price of both the models. According to R2H, the first bike will be shipped directly to the customer's address in eight weeks after the campaign ends on the crowdfunding platform.

You can pre-order the R2H eRideLite by clicking here.

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