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MG and IIMPACT drive girl child education with e-learning centers during the New Normal

Updated: July 29, 2020, 05:50 PM IST

In a bid to prepare underprivileged girls for the 'New Normal', MG Motor India has now launched an e-learning initiative called 'IIMPACT- ech Studio: e-Siksha, Ek Nayi Disha' with IIMPACT – an NGO for Girl Child Education. As part of the initiative, the automaker will deploy e-learning solutions across 15 IIMPACT Learning Centres (LCs) in 5 cities.

MG and IIMPACT have an active partnership for the education of socially and economically marginalized girls since the automaker's launch in India. So far, MG has supported IIMPACT's 50 learning centres across the country. Both MG and IIMPACT are now converting 15 of these centers into e-learning centers beginning with 5 cities. The automaker is simultaneously driving the tech enablement of IMPACT HQ's Training & Professional Development Department. It will empower an additional 1800+ IIMPACT LCs across 11 states through a cascading approach. The primary focus of the initiative is on the quality content dissemination for students and the teachers. It will further supplement the program with the professional development of the teachers, thereby aptly addressing the education needs of the rural girls.

A share from each MG HECTOR and MG HECTOR PLUS sold directly contributes to this initiative/girl child education. MG had previously conducted a similar program and supported the education of more than 60,000 girls in India.

Speaking on the initiative, Rajeev Chaba, President & Managing Director, MG Motor India, said, "The New Normal has created an enormous need gap within education. Today, students all across the country are learning via the 'study from home' model. However, it is not possible for social and economically marginalized students due to the lack of digital devices at their disposal. At MG, we strongly believe in giving back to the society and creating a level-playing field for everyone. So, with IIMPACT, our vision is to address this need gap to the very extent possible. We perhaps wish to give our out-of-school girls something more than education. With this initiative, we intend to give them wings."

Shubhangi Sharma, Executive Director, IIMPACT, said "The partnership is aimed at imparting quality education to girls between the ages of 6 years to 14 years. It will support the education needs of out-of-school, irregular, or dropped-out girls dwelling within these regions. MG Motor will use technology as an enabler to develop content, create and disseminate Teaching Learning Materials (TLMs), and impart training that would directly impact the quality of education provided at these centres. This will be accompanied by tech interventions at a central level to enhance the child's attendance, participation, and retention."

A cascading approach will be followed in the program which will train 200 mentor teachers via a blended-training methodology. They will then train 1,800 teachers, thereby benefitting a corresponding number of students.

MG Motor India considers 'community', 'diversity', 'innovation', and 'environment' as important stakeholders in its business and has undertaken many initiatives under MG SEWA and Sustainability.

DISCLAIMER: This information is published as per the press release sent to us. It has not been verified or ratified by OVERDRIVE.
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