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Published: August 06, 2019, 04:43 PM IST

It is true that every car owner must have spent endless time in deciding which car to buy. But seldom takes time to decide the service station, when it comes to fixing your car problems, especially during the time when your car is out of warranty.

Usually in such scenario's car owners go by the word of mouth opinion to source the workshop or give their vehicle to the nearby local garage. So, the next question that comes to your mind is, how should I choose the right workshop?

Mahindra First Choice Services (MFC Services), India's largest chain of multi-brand car service workshops, provides you the right choice when it comes to car servicing:

Multi-brand workshops address this need. With OEM workshops turning out expensive post your warranty and local garages scaring the customers with low quality servicing, one should consider going to multi-brand service operators who have the expertise of servicing multiple car brands having capabilities to provide right inspection, right parts and right billing Multi brand networks (like MyTVS and MFC Services) offer:

· Spare parts- It is important for a workshop to have good network to source spare parts which is the biggest problem that car servicing workshops face. Most of the delays happen due to unavailability of quality spares. A good workshop sources quality spare parts rather than from the grey market and ensures there is transparency in service quality.

· Skilled Technical Staff- The one thing that a car owner must never compromise on the mechanic who will be repairing or doing safety checks on your vehicle. Once you find a mechanic who has the ability and knowledge to work on complex technology and different brands, half of your battle is won. Mechanics who can diagnose the problems and resolve it with a right approach is a big plus for the workshop.

· Insurance tie ups- A good car-service workshop is associated with popular insurance providers that help in getting high quality repairs at a low cost. A good service station always will guide customers on cashless insurance claims. The customer service teams of theses workshop will communicate clearly what is covered and what is not, what documents are required, important steps to get your claims processed quickly.

· Transparent communication-. Customers always are happy when there is a clear communication. A good workshop will keep things transparent, right from deadlines to billing.

· More no. of services at the workshop- It is always better to go for a workshop that has resources to offer more services than just the basic maintenance job. The workshops that offer vehicle accessories installation, body shop services, accidental solutions are the best bet for your car servicing.

If you have checked the above pointers while finding your ideal workshop, then you are making the right decision. Mahindra First Choice Services – a market leader in multi-brand car servicing solutions has always made efforts to help people in making the right choice when it comes to vehicle servicing.

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