Lamborghini Esperienza GIRO India 2021 ‘Pedal To The Peak’ - A journey of luxury travel and living

Published: December 02, 2021, 01:45 PM IST

The recently concluded, Lamborghini Esperienza GIRO India 2021 'Pedal To The Peak' gave Lamborghini owners and enthusiast an unparalleled luxury experience that spanned across 4 days and 3 picturesque locations of North India. The 550 km multi-day drive was attended by 50 Lamborghini owners who enjoyed an extraordinary drive from Delhi to Chandigarh and then further along the beautiful winding roads leading to the 'Queen of the Hills', Shimla. 50 Lamborghini's driving through the breath-taking landscape surrounded by snowcapped mountains was a sight to behold. The owners experienced the exciting winter chill of North India while soaking in the local culture and culinary excellence. The Lamborghini Esperienza GIRO is a specially curated event for Lamborghini owners to experience the thrill and lifestyle that the brand stands for through an unforgettable multi-day driving escapade and adventure across some of the most sought after locations around the world. India with its diverse landscape, colourful cultures and exciting cuisines, offers the ideal terrain to enjoy an exhilarating long drive with the signature Lamborghini experience.

This year's theme 'Pedal to The Peak', inspired customers to discover India and explore some of the most spectacular locations in the riveting company of their Lamborghini. Right from hitting the pedal at the flag off to discovering the serene hills of Shimla, the drive ignited unique driving emotions in every customer as they scaled the misty peaks of Shimla. A magnificent fleet of 50 Lamborghinis like the Huracan, Aventador and the Urus made its way through the mesmerising lush green valleys surrounded by the grandeur of the snow covered hills enabling the customers to enjoy the gorgeous winter in the hills, live their passion and revel in the freedom of open roads.

Commenting on this multiple destination journey, Sharad Agarwal, Head, Lamborghini India, said, "Lamborghini is known for its signature luxury lifestyle experience. The Lamborghini Esperienza GIRO allows us to introduce our customers to a truly one-of- a-kind driving experience that enables them to indulge in their passion for driving, while inspiring them to embrace long distance travels as they explore and discover India in all its glory, in their Lamborghinis. As Designers of Experiences, we curated this enriching escapade to convey the brand's distinct sense of style and luxury while ensuring to evoke the emotions of passion and fulfilment that defines our customers' relationships with their Lamborghinis."

Lamborghini Esperienza GIRO 20201, 'Pedal To The Peak' offered exquisite experiences that further augmented the drive. During the four-day journey, our customers along with their loved ones travelled through North India as they enjoyed the best in local delicacies, culture and music while staying at some of the most luxurious destinations and experienced specially curated adventures and activities that truly define the spirit of the brand.

They drive started from Delhi, on the NH48 highway through the transitioning landscape, from the urban cities of Gurgaon to the rustic locales of Haryana, through the farms of Punjab leading to the most picturesque city of India, Chandigarh. A city, which sits at the foothills of the Shivalik Hills, which brings in the colder mountain drafts in winter making it the most amazing place to visit in the winters. Fleet of Lamborghini car's seamlessly weaved through the well paved double lane roads leading to the grandest hill station blissfully surrounded by the green hills with snowcapped peaks, Shimla.

The pleasure of driving was amplified mile after mile and at every bend, with scenic snowcapped mountain and valley views as the cold winter breeze created swept across some of the most beautiful roads from Delhi, Chandigarh to Shimla. A thrill travelled through the sound of fifty V8, V10 and V12 engines, offering their drivers an incredible driving experience. In Shimla, the guests enjoyed a stay, which was a mix of heritage and modern design allowing guests to immerse in the natural beauty of the pine and oak forest, exquisite authentic style dining under the stunning beauty of the clear skies.  Every moment was designed to embody the Lamborghini lifestyle, in which exclusivity and enjoyment go hand-in-hand with a unique driving experience.

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