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Invisible but important helpers in the corona crisis

Updated: April 01, 2020, 10:22 AM IST

Private transport is restricted in many places; there are significantly fewer cars on the road. Nevertheless, our society cannot function entirely without mobility: Farmers have to cultivate their fields, trucks must supply supermarkets, and emergency services need to be ready for action. "In the long term, this can only be achieved with motor oils and additives," says Ernst Prost, Managing Director of the German oil specialist LIQUI MOLY. "That's why our products, like all vehicle workshops, are systemically important."

For a truck to bring food to the supermarket, it first needs fuel, which of,  course is obvious. But, in the medium term, it also needs motor oil, for topping up or for oil changes. With too little oil or if the oil change is left out, there is a risk of excessive wear in the engine. This shortens the service life of the engine and, in the worst case, can cause major engine damage. Then the truck with the groceries breaks down and cannot make it to the supermarket. It is a similar situation with additives that increase the reliability of the engine, protect it from problems, and extend its service life.

"None of this is absolutely necessary today. But the day after tomorrow at the latest, you would suffer problems if it was missing," says Ernst Prost. "After all, you can go a day or two without eating. But, after that, things start getting tough."

"Motor oil is an invisible but important helper in these difficult times. Our company is not in the front line of the fight against the pandemic. Other sectors are needed first and foremost here," says Ernst Prost. "But we certainly do our part to keep things running smoothly."

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