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Published: February 18, 2020, 11:20 AM IST

Hero MotoCorp, the world's largest manufacturer of motorcycles and scooters, has commenced the dispatches of three more BS-VI products – Splendor+ in the motorcycle segment and Destini 125 and Maestro Edge 125 in the premium scooter segment.

These launches come close on the heels of the BS-VI versions of the Splendor iSmart and HF Deluxe motorcycles and the Pleasure+ 110 scooter, which are already available in the market. Hero MotoCorp is currently manufacturing only BS-VI scooters.

Progressive and innovative, offering everyday practicality, the Splendor+ BS-VI is priced starting at Rs. 59,600/-* (Kick with Alloy wheel). Built on the combination of Premium-ness, durability and technology the Destini 125 BS-VI price starts at Rs. 64,310/-* (LX Variant). For maximum riding fun, modern and stylish, Maestro Edge 125 BS-VI is priced at Rs. 67,950/-* (Alloy wheel with Drum brake).
*prices ex-showroom Delhi

The diversified and holistic product portfolio from Hero MotoCorp showcases its strong focus on providing youthful, premium and modern products to its customers, while featuring superior and cleaner technology.

The new products have been designed and developed completely in-house at the Company's R&D hub - the Center of Innovation and Technology (CIT) in the northern Indian city of Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Malo Le Masson, Head – Global Product Planning, Hero MotoCorp, said, "With Splendor+ BS-VI, the updated Destini 125 BS-VI and Maestro Edge 125 BS-VI, we have migrated almost our entire portfolio shift to BS-VI norms, well ahead of the deadline. At Hero MotoCorp we are geared-up for exciting times in the coming weeks with a lineup of new product launches, which should help in reinvigorating customer sentiments as well."

Destini 125 BS-VI
BS-VI FI Engine
The new Destini 125 BS-VI comes with a 125cc BS-VI Compliant Programmed Fuel Injection engine with 'XSens Technology' - delivering a remarkable power output of 9 BHP @ 7000 RPM and torque-on-demand of 10.4 NM @ 5500 RPM. The Destini 125 BS-VI comes with 11% higher fuel efficiency, together with 10% faster acceleration. It is equipped with Hero's revolutionary i3S Technology, (Idle-Stop-Start System) that automatically shuts off the engine when at idle, delivering convenience and great mileage.

Unmistakably Stylish
The new Destini 125 BS-VI features a new Signature LED Guide-Lamps and a Chromed 3D Logo, adding to its premium appeal. The addition of Matt Grey Silver in the color palette further enhances the Solid appeal.

Maestro Edge 125 BS-VI
BS-VI FI Engine
The Maestro Edge 125 BS-VI comes with a 125cc BS-VI Compliant Programmed Fuel Injection engine with 'XSens Technology' - delivering a remarkable power output of 9 BHP @ 7000 RPM and torque-on-demand of 10.4 NM @ 5500 RPM.

Colors with Expression
First in 125cc scooter segment, the Maestro Edge 125 BS-VI comes with an exclusive Prismatic™ Paint technology (Iridescent) – Prismatic™ Purple*, changing the shade as the days goes by.

Dynamic Design
The Maestro Edge 125 BS-VI is available in two variants – Disc* and Drum. The Signature LED insignia ensures an unmistakable presence.

Splendor+ BS-VI
BS-VI FI Engine
The new Splendor+ BS-VI comes with a 100cc BS-VI Compliant Programmed Fuel Injection engine with 'XSens Technology' - delivering a power output of 7.91 BHP @ 8000 RPM andtorque-on-demand of 8.05 NM @ 6000 RPM.

Iconic Presence
The new Splendor+ BS-VI is available in three variants – Kick with alloy wheel, Self with alloy wheel and Self with alloy wheel with i3s. The Exclusive Solid Black paintwork is available in the following combination- Purple, Grey, Red and three palette combination of Red-Black-Purple along with Ebony Grey paintwork with Green Finish.

Prices (Ex-Showroom Delhi)

Product Variant Variant Variant
Destini 125 BS-VI Rs. 64,310


Rs. 66,800



Maestro Edge 125 BS-VI


Rs. 67,950

Alloy wheel with Drum brake

Rs. 70,150

Alloy wheel with Disc brake

Rs. 70,650

Alloy wheel with Disc brake and Prismatic™ Color Technology

Splendor+ BS-VI


Rs. 59,600

Kick with Alloy wheel

Rs. 61,900

Self with Alloy wheel

Rs. 63,110

Self with Alloy wheel and i3S

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