First Huracán EVO RWD arrives in North-East India

Updated: March 01, 2022, 06:48 PM IST

Lamborghini India delivers its first super sports car Huracn EVO RWD in the beautiful state of Meghalaya located in the north-east region. The delivery also marks the arrival of country's first Ad Personam colour, Rosso Efesto, for the Huracn EVO RWD. The Huracn EVO RWD bears the evolution of the predictive technology employed in the best-loved Lamborghini V10 model, distilled to deliver pure, unfiltered driving excitement.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Sharad Agarwal, Head of Lamborghini India said, "We are  excited to deliver the first Huracan in the north-east region of India; in the city of Shillong. Over the last few years we have witnessed consistent growth in our volumes from non-metro cities. Taking Lamborghini to these metros has allowed the Lamborghini enthusiasts to connect with the brand and pursue their aspiration more up-close.

"To reach these new geographies and segment of customers with dreams and aspirations to own a Lamborghini has been one of the key strategies for Lamborghini India. Our initiative, 'Lamborghini in Your City' is a program curated to provide unique experiential drives in non-metro cities where Lamborghini enthusiasts are able to enjoy the driving performance of our super sports cars and the exclusive lifestyle that the world of Lamborghini brings to them. Non-metro cities are one of the fastest emerging markets for Lamborghini and we will continue to invest in creating experiences for our customers in these markets to expand our reach further." added Mr. Agarwal.

The Huracn EVO RWD is the purest example of connection, of interaction with the machine through physical contact and the senses. Its advanced interior features an 8.4-inch touchscreen system integrated in the center console, offering a sophisticated on-board experience. Leather, Alcantara and Carbon Skin®, an innovative carbon-fiber material available exclusively from Lamborghini, are the available upholstery options.

The V10 engine delivers more than just power to the rear-wheel drive set-up: the sound of the naturally aspirated power plant combines with the specially tune traction control system to deliver the most emotive, fun-to-drive experience in both dry and wet conditions, even snow.

The Huracn EVO RWD comes in three drive modes, Strada, Corsa, and Sport and a host of customisation options for inside and outside through Lamborghini's Ad Personam programme. An exclusive and unique customization program that gives shape to every desire through the choice of infinite combinations, from colors to materials, from the seat logo sewn by hand rather than printed, to the initials embroidered inside the passenger compartment, as well as satisfying requests to reproduce a color on sample, always respecting the high quality standards required.

The latest frontier of the Ad Personam program is the identification of color families, developed by the Ad Personam team using a scientific approach, thanks to the contribution of studies conducted by experts in neuromarketing and color psychology, along with Lamborghini Centro Stile.

In this collaborative project, a number of personalities were identified that embody the profiles of Lamborghini customers, divided into five different groups. Each group is identified with the different cultural backgrounds, tastes, personalities and attitudes of the individual Families.

The CONTEMPORANEA family reflects the modern landscape of informal, minimalist luxury. The eight colors selected, including Rosso Efesto, Blu Aegir and Balloon White, combine elegant and sophisticated style with the appeal of sport technology.

The SPORTIVA family suits all those who have a bold personality with a youthful spirit and who like to be recognized as promoters of a timeless tradition. These colors are in fact the launch colors of the latest Lamborghini cars, including Giallo Belenus, Arancio Xanto, Verde Selvans and Viola Pasifae.

The ECLETTICA family represents freshness, innovation and flair. The palette is made up of bold colors that express the various facets of the versatile spirit, ranging from Blu Cepheus to Oro Elios to Viola Bast.

The CLASSICA family is a tribute to the origins of an Italian excellence that revolutionized the world of super sports cars and is bound to its traditions. The most representative colors of the icons of the past, such as Verde Scandal, Amaranto, Arancio and Blu Notte, belong to this family.

The TECNICA family is designed for high-performance enthusiasts who want cutting-edge technology and new materials and colors, including Blu Grifo, Nero Nemesis and Giallo Telemaco.

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