DAO EVTech; soon coming in India with electric two-wheelers

Published: December 24, 2019, 02:56 PM IST

With 25 years of global experience in the electric two-wheelers segment, DAO EVTech has decided to enter the Indian market. They participated in the EVEXPO 2019 which allows players from the Electric Vehicle industry to showcase, see and understand the latest in electric vehicles. On the first day of the event, DAO EVTech announced its first product launch in the country by the year 2020. The event is held from 20-22 December in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

Michael Liu, Chairman & CEO, Lana Zou, COO (Chief Operating Officer) and AchutuniBalaji CFO (Chief Financial Officer) were presented the E-vehicle on behalf of the entire team of Dao EVTECH. The team expresses its gratitude towards the Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his Make-In-India initiative. They believe that the initiative allows them to operate in the country smoothly.

According to reports, DAO EVTech has decided to start from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states because of the rich country market reflected by the Rice Bowl of India and affluent middle class created from global outsourcing service. Michael Liu said, "After gaining 25 years of work experience in the global electric motorcycles industry, we decided to enter the Indian market with three objectives. First, we want to ride into a green future with Indian customers because, at the early stage of urbanization of India, urbanization only 27%, Delhi and other major cities have to become very polluted cities in the world. We can not imagine how we can ride into the future once the urbanization rate gets to 50% and above. At that time, pollution will be much worse. We need to act NOW! We answer that changing riding habits and vehicles. Second, we believe that Indian customer deserves the best, 60% of country GDP generated from the outsourcing industry, consumers are well educated and explore to the best practices of the world, therefore, we are stretching to the world, taking the manufacturing expertise from China and customer services, dealer management experience from the U.S to India. Third, India is only one major global economy with an average age below 30, therefore, to encourage and foster entrepreneurs is our mission. We will develop dealer from young professional and train, develop them into great successful entrepreneurs"

While talking about the upcoming product, Lana Zou said, "We are aware that soon many challenges are coming our way like infrastructure issues, people's perception about e-vehicles and rests. And trust me, we are prepared to face any of them. I'm sure that our product's designs will change the view of the audience at the very first look. We are making Internet Empowered Vehicles by developing and taking the new technologies into India for the first time. Our warranty program will be the best on the market which comes from our rigorous product development and manufacturing process. Most important, we are making a global team, local services for after-sales support. We are providing convenient, durable and technologically advanced eco-friendly products."

AchutuniBalaji said, "So far we have been casual towards the environment. But now we can't take it for granted anymore. We are already running out of time. Not just our natural resources but our kids' future is under threat too. And e-vehicle is the need of the hour. As it helps in controlling the air-pollution and ensures no harm to the environment. Also, the government of India targeted 30% EV penetration by the year 2030. If things go well then as per our plan, we will invest around $100 million in the next 3 years with the components manufacturing and assembly line for the whole vehicle and industry park."

The entire team of DAO EVTech showed lots of excitement for their journey in India. Now let's see the response of the Indian audience towards their e-vehicles.

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